Can anyone recommend a career counselor?

Hi there.  My 22 year old son seems to be having a hard time settling on a career path.  He tried taking classes at a local junior college, lost interest...started trade school, lost interest and after working minimum wage jobs, is again considering college.  I am hoping to find someone to work with him to help him explore his interests, areas of aptitude and the emerging job market to help him find a good fit rather than randomly pursuing something new.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I was very happy with Casey McCarroll as a counselor for my son; unfortunately he moved away from the East Bay, but he left a referral list that would be worth checking out:  Also, you could try writing to him with details about your son's situation so he could help guide you in your choices on the referral list: caseymcc [at]

good luck to you and your son


Hi! I’m a huge fan of Toni Littlestone based in Albany. I’ve worked with her as a mid-career person to refine my skills/what I find meaningful/charting plans and interviewing. I believe she also does work with young adults. She uses a variety of tools to assess interests and skills that I found really compelling. She is not inexpensive but very worth it.

Hi, I also found Toni Littlestone helpful.  I was just coming out of a very traumatic postdoc and felt very depressed and overwhelmed with the job hunt process.  She helped me break down the process into manageable pieces, helped me spruce up my resumes, gave me samples to look at.   I submit job applications to multiple places for a state job and got called back and job offers for three places.  Granted it was a lot of work and I asked everyone I knew to help me practice and read over my resumes and cover letters.