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Crowden welcomes music students of all ages and levels of ability to participate in our after-school, weekend, and summer music lessons and classes. 

From group classes in music fundamentals, to private lessons, to advanced ensembles and composition workshops, Crowden teachers help their students to become the best musicians they can be.

Because chamber music is at the heart of a Crowden education, we believe in giving students the tools to develop and express their musical independence, along with the sensitivity to play as part of a team. Through chamber music, students become part of a musical tradition and experience that is larger than any individual. Come be a part of it!

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March 2010

Our son takes a music class at Crowden School and I'm wondering whether to enroll him in the one-week music camp Scrape, Squawk and Bang. He loves the music class (it's general music not instrumental) but I'm worried he won't be ready for a week of instruments or that the other kids will be way more experienced with instruments. Would love to hear from anyone whose kid has taken this camp. The school is very friendly but I couldn't wrangle a very assertive or detailed explanation about the summer camp and the activities in it from the woman in charge at the school's office. It's a lot of money for a maybe good program. Thanks! anon

Go for it -- the camp is definitely appropriate for entering 1st graders and tends to draw plenty of kids with little or no experience playing an instrument. My son has gone twice, choosing a different instrument each time, and enjoyed it very much. The kids spend part of the day on choral singing and part on outdoor play and other activities, so it's not overly intense, and for the instrument lessons they are divided into small groups with other kids at a similar experience level. (My son was intrigued by the fact that his group included kids older than he with less experience and kids younger than he with more experience -- a valuable thing to know, that age does not necessarily equal expertise!) We found that the musical expectations were right on target for what beginners could learn in a week. Musical Mom

My daughter (now in 4th grade), did the ''Squawk'' camp with piano emphasis for a week when she was your child's age. She had a great time and was ready to begin regular piano lessons at Crowden that fall. During camp she was in a small group of 6 kids, and she joined up with larger groups of kids during the day for dance, drumming, and singing. There was even a little recital on the last day. We also signed up for the extended aftercare, which she remembers with much joy, especially the part where she ran through the sprinklers. I think it's a great way for kids to get introduced to music; there were also many kids who already played one instrument and were there to try something else. Jenne

Jan 2009

Re: Music camp for 7-year-old
My son has attended Crowden's Scrape, Bang, Squawk camp twice now and enjoyed it immensely. The camp is well-organized and we were impressed by how much the kids learn in a short time, as evidenced by the recital on the last day. Holly

Re: Crowden Scrape, Squawk summer camp
Our daughter attended this camp for a week when she was 5 or 6, and she had a great time trying out different instruments. Since she could speak, she had told us that she wanted to play the violin, so this was a good opportunity for her to try it out -- and she now takes violin lessons. We thought it was great, and would definitely recommend the camp. lori