Beginning Group Piano Class at Crowden

I am looking for reviews of the Beginning Piano and Music Fundamentals course at Crowden.  We are considering this for our entering 1st grader in the fall.  She is interested in starting an instrument, possibly piano, and we thought it might be a good introduction to instrumental music and perhaps give us a sense of whether private lessons are a good fit going forward (i.e., will she enjoy it enough to be motivated to practice, etc.).  If your child took this course, what did he or she get out of it, and was it a good use of time and money?  Or, is it better to just jump into private lessons?  Any feedback would be appreciated!

Parent Replies

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My daughter took this class starting at the age of 6. It was a great introduction for her (the group dynamic is a lot less stressful then private lessons) and a good way for us to gauge her interest before paying significantly more for private lessons. She stuck with the group class for a couple years and then progressed to individual private lessons. She is still taking private lessons at Crowden with the same teacher. The piano lessons have also helped her to more easily learn other instruments since the fundamentals are there.