Private piano lessons at Crowden

I'd be interested to hear about parents' experience with private piano lessons at Crowden School. Any particular teacher you'd recommend for a 11 y.o. who's been taking lessons for several years already. They mention on their website that private students get to participate in their recitals. How often does that happen, in your experience? 

Parent Replies

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My partner and daughter, now 16, have been taking private piano lessons through Crowden, with Betsy Marvit, for a number of years now.  They've certainly played in many recitals, probably two a year -- I think it's a Crowden requirement for taking lessons there -- though I think they're separate from the Crowden school recitals.

My daughter has been taking lessons with Robert Yamasato for several years. He's a wonderful teacher - - highly recommend. They typically have 2 recitals per year.

My 6 year old started piano lessons at Crowden in September. So far we are very happy with the instruction. I would definitely recommend my daughter's teacher, Muza Mdzinarishvili. However, I don't think you get to choose a teacher at Crowden. The way their process works is you have to go through a placement interview with the program directors where they ask you questions. Based on that, they match you with a teacher they feel would be the best fit.