Private piano lessons at Crowden

My daughter is almost 6 and eager to start piano lessons. We live right next to the Crowden School and taking lessons there would be very convenient. There are, however, some wonderful independent private teachers in our area, so I am not sure which way to go. I was wondering if anyone has experience with private instrument lessons at Crowden. Any feedback is appreciated! 

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I don't have experience with independent private lessons but we love Crowden. My 4 yr old son has been taking Cello lessons since Jan. The teachers arrange recitals and the school itself hosts quarterly concerts. I am sure other teachers might do the same but I am amazed how well equipped the teachers are to deal with young children. They make up these games , challenges, jokes that keeps the kids engaged. Its also nice to meet with other families and getting to know them. Its a great community. We are part of the Suzuki Strings program so we have lessons twice a week. Once its private and the other day its a group lesson. Its designed as such to motivate kids. We attended a info session at Crowden before signing up. Maybe they have similar info session for the piano program. You should ask and def attend. 

Whatever you do, for piano or any other lessons, just be sure to try more than one teacher! Ask for a trial lesson (not necessarily free) and don't sign a contract until you decide. Recommendations are sometimes useful, but a teacher that's perfect for one child might not be for another. And it's fine for a child to get a taste of different styles of teaching and know there are different ways to do it. Just don't tell her that she gets to pick the teacher because even if you concur with her choice it might not work out - there may be time constraints, and some teachers are choosy about students, too. Because of a move and multiple instruments, my music-loving kid got lessons from 7 different teachers between 1st and 12th grades, and we learned that the highly-recommended and the most friendly ones were not always the best at encouraging persistence, excellence, and even enjoyment. We lucked out early on, but I wish I'd known in the middle of the process that serious musical parents do shop around more. (By the same token, if your kid gets "stuck" after a while, consider trying a new teacher before giving up - too many parents don't bother.) 

As for Crowden (which is part of what we did), if the teachers seem like a good fit, it's a great place for connecting with other kids and families that value music, and a lovely venue for recitals, which adds a lot of excitement and pleasure. 

Happy music-making,

A former Crowden parent