Looking for Collaborative Music Groups for Kids (7-10)

Hello - We're new to Berkeley and looking for music groups similar to "Rock Band Land" that's in San Francisco... but in the East Bay.

Groups that help kids collaborate with other kids in their musical development (beyond individual music lessons). Kids age range 7-10. Any thoughts are welcome!


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If your kids play string instruments or piano you might try Crowden Music Center.  My son is in the Crowden school, and everyone plays in quartets or larger groupings in the mornings.  The music center is the community arm, and they do match and support chamber groups. You should call for details  if your kids are interested in classical music.  

There’s the Bandworks that has a youth program. For the adult program they match you up with other adults that want to form a band and play some shows. The youth program is probably similar.  I think it’s usually rock music from what I’ve seen.