Piano for 3yo and Violin for 4yo


I am looking for a piano teacher for my 3 year old and a violist who teaches for my 4 year old. Please share any information you may have on this topic. Thank you much! 

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Have you tried the Kodaly classes at Holy Names University? It's one of my few parenting regrets, not taking my kids there when they were young. Holy Names Preparatory Music (hnuprepmusic.org)

Hi, if you are in the north Berkeley area or don’t mind the drive, (we live in Oakland), I’d highly recommend Crowden Music School for violin lessons.  They also have piano teachers there and hopefully can schedule both kids’ lessons simultaneously.  My daughter also attended school there from 5-8th grade.  She plays both piano and violin.  Amazing place if your child is musically inclined! For piano, she was taught by Jessica Klass, who has her studio in El Cerrito (klasspiano [at] gmail.com).