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Preparatory Music is a community school for young musicians, located on the beautiful campus of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA. Prep Music offers private instruction on ten instruments: violin, viola, cello, harp, guitar, piano, flute, oboe, recorder, drums, and voice. In addition, youth orchestras, group string and piano classes are offered, as well as numerous concerts and large musical events.

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Love Becky Rogot.  Our child studied with her from age 6 to 18.  Wish we could transport her to college to continue the lessons.  I can't say enough good things about her.  Cheerful, dedicated, enthusiastic, works so well with kids.  Through Holy Names Preparatory Music Program:  510-436-1224.

You might look into the preparatory music program at Holy Names Univeristy in Oakland.  Katherine Baird is the Director and is also a cello teacher.


The Preparatory Music Program at Holy Names University has cello teachers for children. It's a fantastic Suzuki program. Contact director Katherine Baird at Baird [at] HNU.edu or 510-436-1224.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2016

RE: Violin for 4 year old -- where to start?

Good for you for supporting your daughter's musical interest! I started playing violin at age 3, using the Suzuki method. It's geared toward younger kids and toward learning by ear (reading music is taught later). Of course, a lot depends on the teacher, more than the method, but most Suzuki teachers have undergone lots of training. My kids are learning Suzuki piano, and have been in the program at Holy Names University. I don't know any of the specific violin teachers there, but there is a great cello group class that met in the classroom next door to our piano teacher. Most Suzuki programs have private lessons, and then occasional group lessons. Good luck! music mama

June 2015

RE: Seeking Suzuki Violin Teacher for 5 year-old

We love Becky Rogot who teaches through the Prep Music program at Holy Names (Oakland at Redwood Rd exit off Hwy 13). She has taught my son cello for over 10 years and also has a number of violin students. She is patient, joyful, funny and talented. I have had over 9 private music teachers myself over the years and wish I could have had someone like Becky when I was young! You can reach her at rrogot2002 [at] yahoo.com Becky fan

Feb 2013

RE: Violin Lessons for 5-year-old

Highly recommend Becky Rogot through the Holy Names Preparatory Music Dept: 436-1224. She is so good with kids! We have had her for a teacher for 9 years and LOVE her! Happy parent

Aug 2003

RE: Piano teacher for 7 year old

You could call Holy Names College Preparatory Music Department for a recommendation: 510-436-1224. The music department has an extensive music program for children, including Suzuki strings and piano. Lessons are conducted privately, and performances sometimes take place at HNC. For years, both my sons have studied Suzuki violin with a teacher affiliated with this program.

Oct 2001

RE: Violin Teacher for Toddler

Try the Preparatory Department at Holy Names College, they have a large Suzuki Violin, Piano, etc. department there and could probably either help you there or recommend a teacher. But the advantage of the larger program (especially for violin) is being a part of the group classes and recitals, it's a real community. Amelie

The Preparatory Music Department at Holy Names College has a large Suzuki program, and I know some of the teachers take very young students. Cynthia

Sept 1998

If you are looking for instrument lessons (for childen or adults), call Holy Names College Preparatory Music Department. They have fabulous teachers. Telephone: 510-436-1224. I can personally recommend two Suzuki violin teachers (Wendy Reid and Dorothy Lee). Trish