seeking Cello teacher for 6 year old

Looking for recommendation for Cello teacher for 6 year old.  After one week at Crowden she's interested in lessons. (We like Crowden, just a bit far for us) . Ideally someone in Alameda/Oakland/San Leandro (or willing to come to our home) but most important is a good teacher.  (Both musical quality and ability to connect with and motivate kids)

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The Preparatory Music Program at Holy Names University has cello teachers for children. It's a fantastic Suzuki program. Contact director Katherine Baird at Baird [at] or 510-436-1224.

You might look into the preparatory music program at Holy Names Univeristy in Oakland.  Katherine Baird is the Director and is also a cello teacher.

Love Becky Rogot.  Our child studied with her from age 6 to 18.  Wish we could transport her to college to continue the lessons.  I can't say enough good things about her.  Cheerful, dedicated, enthusiastic, works so well with kids.  Through Holy Names Preparatory Music Program:  510-436-1224.

If you want to go the 'hip' route, look up Nathan Blaz. He's a professional (Indie +) musician and was teaching some private lessons at my son's school (EBI) in the after-care program.