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Seeking a cello teacher for beginning adult Mar 1, 2020 (4 responses below)
seeking Cello teacher for 6 year old Jun 26, 2018 (4 responses below)
Violin or Cello Teacher in El Cerrito, Albany and Berkeley Jan 23, 2018 (2 responses below)
  • Reviewed older posts but seeking any current recommendations for a cello teacher in Berkeley or oakland.  Thanks!

    Love Becky Rogot.  She is so cheerful and enthusiastic about the instrument.  Great with kids, too!


    Gael Alcock teaches both adults and children. She is Classically trained and also plays Jazz. 


    Jessica Ivry in Oakland is fantastic:

    jmivry [at] gmail.com

  • seeking Cello teacher for 6 year old

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    Looking for recommendation for Cello teacher for 6 year old.  After one week at Crowden she's interested in lessons. (We like Crowden, just a bit far for us) . Ideally someone in Alameda/Oakland/San Leandro (or willing to come to our home) but most important is a good teacher.  (Both musical quality and ability to connect with and motivate kids)

    The Preparatory Music Program at Holy Names University has cello teachers for children. It's a fantastic Suzuki program. Contact director Katherine Baird at Baird [at] HNU.edu or 510-436-1224.

    You might look into the preparatory music program at Holy Names Univeristy in Oakland.  Katherine Baird is the Director and is also a cello teacher.


    Love Becky Rogot.  Our child studied with her from age 6 to 18.  Wish we could transport her to college to continue the lessons.  I can't say enough good things about her.  Cheerful, dedicated, enthusiastic, works so well with kids.  Through Holy Names Preparatory Music Program:  510-436-1224.

  • Hello! My daughter who is 6 now is interested in taking violin and/or cello. Can anyone recommend a violin and/or cello teacher around the area that will travel for private one on one or group lessons with reasonable rates? Thank you!

    Hi, I am not sure whether she travels for lessons, but you might want to contact Gael Alcock. She lives in Central Berkeley and is a wonderful teacher and person. 


    My daughter and her friend is taking cello lessons with Satya Jimenez. She is a wonderful teacher who is traveling from the city on Sundays to teach the girls. She plays the violin but is teaching beginning cello at the moment and she is great! My daughter loves her. I believe she graduated from San Jose State with a bachelor in music and has been teaching for about 6 years specializing in violin lessons from beginning to intermediate levels. She also has experience with viola and cello and music theory as well. She works great with all ages and is passionate about sharing music to the community. She is currently studying with her private teacher who plays in the San Francisco Symphony. Satya is also forming a quartet and studying at the Berkeley Jazz School. Here is her contact information: satyalessons [at] gmail.com or windsatya [at] gmail.com ph: 831 535 9247. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Cello lessons for adults, where to rent a cello?

March 2016

Hi, is it crazy? I'm 57 years old and have fallen in love with the cello. I have never played it, heck I have never even touched one. I play guitar (some), but would like to learn how to play the cello. Can anyone recommend a teacher who would be willing to teach cello to an old beginner? And where can I rent a cello? Anon

Ifshin Music in El Cerrito (or maybe Albany) rents violins, and probably cellos. There is a cello teaching place on Golden Gate Way in Lafayette, called something like Lamorinda Music or Lafayette Music. You could call Crowden School of Music and ask. Sounds like fun!

No recs for cello teachers, but if you live near Berkeley, Ifshin's Violins in El Cerrito (Fairmount near San Pablo) is THE place to rent stringed instruments. I do want to offer encouragement, though. I started violin when I was 50, and switched to viola when I was 61. The Bay Area is a great place to participate in music, no matter what your age. I feel I'm too old to get involved with yet another instrument, or I'd at least try cello. I played piano and all sorts of woodwinds most of my life. I tried guitar before starting violin and it was hard to get used to coordinating my note-finding fingers with my strumming fingers. So you have a leg up there. Of course, I have no such problem now. Your chord knowledge will also serve you well with the violin, at least mentally. Best wishes for an exciting journey!
fellow late bloomer on strings

One other thing I remembered, having reread your post. Different teachers have different attitudes towards beginning adult students. I got mixed messages from my teacher--saying you won't do this because you're older, or you'll never get here because you're older--but training me as she would someone who had all their life ahead of them. I didn't fully realize all this until she passed away a couple years ago (age 91). So you'll want to interview potential teachers and ask them their approach to adult beginners. See if their envisioned goals match yours. One thing my teacher kept saying which is probably a sad truth: when you start older, your muscles are pretty much set in their ways and you'll never get the dexterity you would if you started younger. However, you can bring your life experiences and emotional maturity to bear, which will take you far.
fellow late bloomer on strings

Sorry--more. 1) I had never even touched a violin when I went shopping for my first one! (Violin is different from cello in that it's not hard to find a decent inexpensive instrument so I benefitted from buying right out of the gate.) 2) Join violinist.com. You'll find lots of older string enthusiasts, including lots of beginners. It's a great forum for asking questions. fellow late bloomer on strings

I would highly recommend the cello teacher named Ting Chin. Her email address is oilonpanel [at] gmail.com

No, that's not crazy at all! It sounds like you've listened to a calling! (and you're practically a baby, still!) You definitely want to reach out to Marcie Brown. There's really no one better! Here's her website: www.marciebrown.com. Can't say enough about her abilities, patience and expertise. Happy playing!
Marcie fan

You're definitely not too old to learn to play the cello! I started playing the violin in my 40s, 15 years ago. Late, but still satisfying. Your previous musical experience will help, too. I know a wonderful cello teacher who's worked with lots of adult beginners: Leighton Fong (fongpresler [at] gmail.com). You can rent a cello at Ifshin, in El Cerrito.
Music Lover

Devon McClive is an excellent cello instructor for new beginners. She's very personable and patient. devonmcclive [at] gmail.com, 510-282-6445

For this and the next question, highly recommend Becky Rogot (faculty at Crowden and Holy Names University music program). She has taught children and their parents together -- she has experience with adult beginners. She is very friendly and low-key. She taught my child for 12 years and he is still playing! Contact thru HNU (510) 436-1224.
Love cello too
His name is Rob Shafer and he's in north Berkeley. He also rents (and repairs) cellos. He taught my son for several years and he's exactly what you want. Incredibly knowledgeable, and tailors lessons to your interests. On Virginia. rshafer [at] krmusic.com
anne j

http://www.ifshinviolins.com/ is where I would start. They have rentals, teachers on tap, everything! (Ifshin Music is on the back side of El Cerrito Plaza. They have a parking lot.) Really good.

Cello teacher for 5 year old

March 2016

Looking for a cello teacher to work with five year old who has been improvising on the instrument for 2+ years. Prefer teacher that values improvisation and playfulness, learning by ear, along with other formal instruction. Ability to come to our house in east Richmond Heights a plus. Looking forward to playing with you.

Hi ~ I'd recommend Patrick O'Neil. He's very enthusiastic, fabulous player and good with kids. He teaches at Lamorinda Music in Lafayette: http://www.lamorindamusic.com/#!our-instructors/c23ao Patrick O'Neil 925-408-7149

In response to this query and the query on cello teacher for a child, I'd like to recommend my child's cello teacher Matthew Owens. After a couple of years of piano lessons, my child announced he was not going back. So after taking a bit of a break, he agreed to cello lessons. We tried a couple of teachers before finding Matthew. Matthew has taught not only cello for many years, but also has been a classroom teacher at the elementary/middle school level. He's patient and reassuring, and he also has a great ability to explain concepts. My 11 year old has studied for one year and is already playing the Bach cello sonatas. It's been a great adventure. Plus I appreciate that Matthew teaches at a central Berkeley studio, easy for both parking and mass transit. More information about Matthew: matthewowens.com

Cello teacher for 8 year old

May 2014

Hello All, I am in search of a cello teacher for my 8 yr old daughter. She has taken one year of piano and is now interested in starting cello. We are located near Lake Merritt and would like to find an instructor close to here. Thanks in advance for your help!!

We love our cello teacher Michael Graham. I took the lesson for a year and my son is with him for 2.5 years. He is professional and patient. He teaches kids and adult. He is near West Oakland BART. Ph# (510) 368-8263. Good luck, Lan

Ifshin Violins- a wonderful company in El Cerrito on Fairmont Avenue has a listing of cello teachers and a bulletin board it is worth a visit there!

Monica Scott is terrific. She's warm, kind, funny, and an extraordinarily skilled cellist. http://marthaandmonica.com/monica/ Jennifer

Try Becky Rogot. She is a well respected cello (mostly) and violin teacher and is extremely patient and kind with children. Becky teaches group and solo classes at Crowden, Holy Names, and Resurrection Lutheran near the Lake. I don't know if she has private lessons elsewhere, but her email is rrogot2002 [at] yahoo.com. Good luck! Sean

I would recommend AMY BRODO. Her studio is very close to you, she is highly qualified and has so much to offer. If I start explaining in detail why I admire Amy Brodo so much, this posting would be way too long! Following is a link to her web site: http://www.amybrodo.com/ amy

My son has been taking cello lessons from Rob Shafer for almost 2 years. I really like Rob's approach with music theory as well as playing. It's not near Lake Merritt -- North Berkeley (Virginia x MLK). It's a haul for us, too, but the recommendation came from the family of a kid who's been studying cello for years (and is way more talented than mine). There's a Trader Joe's a couple of blocks away, so I just do my weekly shopping during the lesson. 510-548-6658 rshafer [at] krmusic.com fan of Rob Shafer

Highly recommend Rebecca Rogot through the Holy Names Music dept. She teaches in Oakland and at the Crowden school. Our son started with her when he was 6. We love her! Our family has collectively experienced 8 different music teachers and she is by far the best with kids. So warm and funny and full of exuberance. Phone: (510) 436-1224 Musical parent

I can highly recommend my daughter's wonderful cello teacher, Cheryl Fippen. Cheryl has been a fantastic fit for our young musician\xc3\x82\xe2\x80\x94she's inspiring, enthusiastic, funny, talented, and also sets high expectations. She has excellent teaching skills, really tuning in to what's going on with her students. Cheryl also coaches/mentors at King middle school, so she's familiar with BUSD music program, which has been great. Her studio is located in central Berkeley. Check out her website: http://clfippen.wix.com/fippencello kht

Cello teacher for my children

Aug 2013

I am looking for a music teacher for my children preferably someone who teaches Cello but is also creative and can work with them on other instruments like piano as needed. Ideally, someone who organizes concerts for the kids once in a while too. Thank you! Simone

Excellent cello teacher: Mary Artmann. She is a professional cellist and experienced teacher who plays beautifully and loves to teach all ages. She lives in San Francisco and teaches at least one day a week in Berkeley. Please contact her to discuss your needs/interests. You can reach her by email: Mary Artmann mary.artmann [at] verizon.net jbert

My 12-year-old has been taking cello lessons from Elaine Kreston in north Berkeley, near Solano Avenue, for about six months now, and we think she's terrific. She takes teaching and music seriously, yet she's also playful and relaxed. My daughter has made great progress and become ever more enthusiastic about playing and progressing since she started working with Elaine. Elaine also teaches younger kids (including her daughter, who's four). She does arrange concerts for the kids to perform -- the last one was with a piano teacher, who accompanied some of the cellists, and his students; there was even one piano-student/cello-student duet. Elaine Kreston, Elaine [at] elainekreston.com or 558-6889

I highly recommend Shain Carrasco. He is a master with kids and adults and is like a mentor to my students. His contact information is: www.shaincarrasco.com , shaincarrasco [at] gmail.com, 415-385-3502. His students in the recital were great and I was able to see him perform as well, which was super inspiring to the kiddos. Caroline

Highly recommend Rebecca Rogot, who teaches cello at Crowden and Holy Names. 436-1224. She is the best teacher we have ever, ever had. Loves kids. Can't recommend her more highly. Big Fan of Becky

Crowden group cello for kids

July 2013

I have a six year old boy who would like to learn the cello. Has anyone experienced the Crowden children's group afternoon class that meets once a week? Would you recommend that over a private lesson? Any feedback most appreciated. mom

Hi, my very motivated 9 year old took group cello lessons at Crowden this spring (about 5 kids in the class). It wasn't awful, and definitely not great either...but an ok introduction at a reasonable cost. Main issues were simple kid-wrangling/classroom management skills, the cello piece was fine, but for my kid who was ready to learn, the teacher needed to be better at directing kids on what to do while she was working with an individual. We have moved on to private lessons, much more pricey but get much more out of them. group lessons, meh

Cello teacher for 6th grader

March 2013

My sixth grade son is taking cello a school. He's the only beginner in a class of more than a dozen cellists. I am looking for a teacher who can guide him on basics and establishing good techniques and habits for his practices at home. Jennifer

Love Rebecca Rogot 510-436-1224 through the Holy Names Preparatory Music Department. She is so patient and cheerful and easy-going. We feel so very fortunate that we found her. She is particularly good with boys I think. We have had her for 9 years. She is great! Parent of cellist

I highly recommend Michael Graham. He's been my son cello teacher for 1.5 yr. I also took lesson wit him for a year. He is kind and patient. We really like him. My son connects with him very well and enjoys the lesson. Most of his students are boys. His # is (510) 368-8263 or email mgraham7095 [at] gmail.com Lan

I highly recommend Eugene Sor from the Crowden Music Center. He studied with Milly Rosner for many years - a local cello legend who recently passed away. Eugene studied cello at UCLA where he received his master's degree. He is currently the director of the Crowden Music Center and the Director of Music for the day school. He is excellent with beginners I(including my daughter) - emphasizing excellent technique so that the child learns to have a beautiful sound from the very beginning. Eugene has gotten many students to a very advanced level. One of his advanced students recently participated in a masterclass with Yo Yo Ma at Crowden. One of the great things about Eugene is that he works very hard to get his students involved with chamber groups appropriate for the student's level. My daughter has had opportunities to play alongside professional cellist even as a beginner - this is exciting for the entire family! He can be reached at (510) 559-6910 or esor [at] crowden.org. Lorianne

Cello teacher for 11yo beginner

Oct 2012

Cello teacher for 11 yo beginner. Would prefer a teacher that's in Oakland (we're near Kaiser). Good keeping a beginner (with experience with other instruments) engaged and challenged (something of a slacker on his own). Not prohibitively expensive, preferred! thanks for leads... ann

I highly recommend Becky Rogot of the Holy Names Prep Music Dept 436-1224. We so enjoy and appreciate her enthusiasm and love of teaching. Although 11 is a little old in her opinion for starting cello, I would really try to get her. She is just wonderful and I think particularly good at motivating middle school-aged kids. So lucky to have a great teacher

Cello Teacher for 16 year old

July 2011

Hi - I'm looking for a cello teacher for my 16-year old who has been taking lessons for 8 years. His teacher is now out of the area, and I will ask at Crowden, but I'd appreciate the BPN input for a serious, classical cello teacher. I understand it is hard to leave a cello teacher one has had for a long time, so I'm open to your suggestions on how to make the transition. Thank you! D

Sergei Raibtchenko is our great cello teacher. He teaches in Berkeley on Ashby, and is on faculty at the San Domenico Virtuoso Program in San Anselmo.650-996-1917. He is kind, humorous, and very wise. We recommend him most highly. Jeanette

Bob Ng is a very good cello teacher in Central/North Berkeley with reasonable rates. My son has taken lessons with him for over a year. He takes students of all levels, kids and adults, and is very patient and approachable. We highly recommend him. Bob can be reached by email: bing4505 [at] gmail.com Cello Mama

My 14 year old son has taken lessons since he was 4 from John Gardner. John is excellent with children, but he teaches teens and adults as well. 510/234-5966. In addition to Crowden, you might want to contact Holy Names University's Preparatory Music Department. The current director, Katherine Baird, is another wonderful cello player and instructor. Anon

Julie Feldman is a really talented professional cellist and she's been teaching the instrument for (??) 25 years or more. She's in Berkeley, (510)525-3144. I work with her and her students often (I have a repair/restoration business), and I really enjoy Julie's fun and friendly style as well as her serious dedication to music and her students' studies. I don't know if she's taking new students, but I'd highly recommend her. rachael

I would really recommend Ting Chin. She is an awesome classical cello teacher. She is the cello teacher at the Bentley School and has taught all over the Bay Area. My daughter and I really like her teaching style. I am a musician and music teacher myself and highly recommend her. Her number is 510-414-9038. Cheers, Adrienne

Cello Teacher for 11 year old

Nov 2009

After 'dating' several cello teachers in the Bay Area for my 11 y.o., we found Robert Howard in San Francisco. And he is a TREASURE. My husband and I are both professional musicians, and we feel that Robert is already one of the finest teachers each of us has worked with. His fun, inspiring and creative teaching, along with his own world-class musicianship, has opened the door to not only cello, but the world of classical music, positive self-discipline, and creativity for our daughter. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Sarah

Two wonderful east bay cello teachers are Jess Ivry and Kathy Allen. I am a violin teacher, have been for many years, and know that these two teachers are great players and very qualified teachers, as well as nice people. I have a phone number for Jess. 510-593-3395 I believe you can get Kathy Allen's number by calling the Crowden School. Good luck. Irene

The best cello teacher around is Katherine Baird. She is kind but firm, and really knows her stuff. She has been our teacher for years, and we have taken music lessons from many, many string teachers. She's also a fine cellist who performs regularly. Classical Mom

I highly recommend Cheryl Fippen, an experienced cello teacher with a studio in central Berkeley. (510-508-1792) I recently began cello lessons and she is so gifted as a teacher, gearing the lessons to how I learn and think with on-going efforts to ease the steep learning curve of playing a string instrument for the first time as an adult. Cheryl teaches all ages and levels, and also offers Audition Coaching for youngsters seeking admission to youth orchestras. She is an accomplished and active orchestral cellist in addition to her private teaching. Alice

Cello Teacher for 9 year old

Jan 2010

I am looking for inexpensive cello lessons for my 9 year old daughter somewhere near North Oakland. She is totally new to music, and I want a teacher who is enthusiastic, really great with children, and who will focus on making music a beautiful and fun experience. A teacher who is overly focused on theory and precise musicianship right from the beginning, is probably not going to be a good match for my daughter. Anyone have any recommendations? Thank you for your help! anonymous

Try Amy Brodo. She is an excellent musician located in Oakland, and has been teaching cello and piano to children for many years. Her contact info is abrodo [at] netwiz.net or 510-482-3470. gulia

Cello Teacher for Six-Year-Old Violinist?

Nov 2009

One of my six-year-old twins is crazy about the cello. She and her twin sister have both been playing Suzuki violin for over a year, and are doing fairly well (just at the end of Book 1), but she is just in love with the cello. I'd like to honor this by giving her the cello lessons she's been begging for. Though since she wants to continue with the violin as well, I'm also a little concerned about burn-out. Does anybody have any suggestions for cello teachers in Berkeley (or environs?). One Suzuki program is enough, I think, so I'm thinking a non-Suzuki teacher, maybe one who also is a violinist also, so they can relate? Or other wisdom about kids studying 2 instruments? Thanks, Juliet

Elaine Kreston is great - our son studied with her, and though he decided to move on to other instruments he still speaks highly of her. I don't have a current phone for her, but her website is elainekreston.com. When we were with her, there were students in her studio who studied more than one instrument. Good luck! love the cello, too

For referral to local cello teachers, you might give the Crowden Music Center a call (510-559-4921). They can suggest a private teacher to match your daughter's needs; perhaps a cellist experienced with violin to help build on your daughter's violin experience and make the transition easier. They also offer group and ensemble classes and are a great resource for music teachers and lessons. Good luck with cello!

2004 - 2007 Reviews

Cello teacher for 7 year old

Nov 2007

I'm looking for a cello teacher for my (beginning) 7 year old. I'm wondering if there are any great ones that come to your house for the lesson (North Oakland) or are located around North Oakland? And anyone have advice on Suzuki or not to Suzuki? Thanks!

I don't have a specific teacher recommendation but do about the Suzuki method, as I grew up playing cello and piano starting around age 5 or 6 and did so through college. I would NOT do the Suzuki method. A 7-year-old is old enough to grasp the concept of reading music, and every single one of my friends in the symphony and orchestra and conservatory that I played with or in who did do Suzuki had a VERY steep learning curve when it came time to actually read music (they were helpless; the equivalent of needing remedial reading, almost, and I don't say that to be un-PC). Maybe Suzuki is done differently now, but I doubt it. I would get a teacher that can help your child learn to read music, because that's what the goal actually should be. Plus, it would be transferrable to other instruments, whereas a Suzuki-trained student has only memorized by rote how to play one specific instrument, and doesn't even really know why they're doing what they're doing. Just my opinion. I'm su! re there are a lot of pro-Suzuki-ers out there though. --First chair cellist and could read music

We like Monica Scott, 595-8448. She's very good at finding a variety of ways to teach, and is able to make it fun. My child started studying with Monica in 4th grade, and I have also seen her work with some very young students. Carol

There are two teachers, both Mills College graduates, who teach cello in our school as well as home visits. The first is Theresa Wong at tree_wong[at]yahoo.com and the other is Agnes Szelnag at agnesszelag[at]pacbell.net. They are both in high demand and have been featured in a current Oakland Magazine for their incredible works through Mills. Krista

Monica Scott teaches cello at our school to both preschoolers and lower school students. She captivates the students and is fantastic in concert. She performs as a duo with a pianist. I would recommend her highly. She is available to teach at her home in North Oakland, and on site. tina

Three of my kids play strings. Both my sons play cello. For an advanced student I would recommend Eugene Sor who teaches out of Crowden Music School and at his own studio. For a beginner, especially a boy, I would highly recommend Cathy Allen or Julie Feldman. They are excellent with children, even hyperactive ones. Two of my kids did start with Suzuki at Holy Names which I do not recommend. Most all string teachers do use the Suzuki books for beginning pieces but not necessarily the aural method. Cathy Allen can be reached at the Crowden Music Center in Berkeley. It is worth the drive if you do not live nearby. We initially rented from Ifshin. Cello sounds good even if the kid can not play!

I highly recommend Michael Graham (510-368-8263, mgraham [at] aya.yale.edu), a Yale-educated cellist in Oakland. Mike plays in numerous professional ensembles in the Bay Area and teaches privately (all levels). I play string quartets with him regularly so I know first-hand what an incredible musician *and* teacher he is. Mike is extremely smart, communicative, fun-loving, and very importantly, knows how to offer constructive criticism. If my son shows interests in cello when he gets older, I will send him to Mike (and I am very picky when it comes to music teachers). Try a few lessons with him and see how your daughter likes it! CP

2003 & Earlier

Cello lessons for 10-year-old boy

Sept 2003

Can anyone recommend a cello teacher for a ten year old boy? He has learned some from his 4th grade group instruction at Emerson School but I'd like to supplement the 5th grade group class. He seems to have a feel for the instrument. I think he'd work best with a relaxed teacher who is happy to take on a beginning student. We live in Berkeley's Elmwood neighborhood, not far from Rockridge. Geographic convenience is a plus for me! Thanks. Tisha

Rob Shafer is a very patient and kind teacher for young cellists. He is on Virginia St. in Berkeley. His number is in the phone book as spelled and under ''Key Route Music'', Both he and his wife teach cello and also rent instruments. parent of former student

I am a violin teacher in the area (and my daughter goes to Emerson!) and I would highly recommend Julie Feldman to teach a beginning cello student. She is a lovely person and has taught for a very long time. She even has cellos to rent if your son needs one. You can call Berkeley information. Good luck. Irene Sazer

Elaine Kreston is a fabulous cellist and cello instructor. She came highly recommended to us, and we couldn't be happier. Elaine is patient, clear, and inspiring. She provides opportunity and support for public performance, and frequently announces concerts (hers or others) appropirate for younger audiences. I believe she is taking new students. You can reach her at elaine AT elainekreston.com. broque

Cello teacher for 13-year-old

Aug 2002

Can anyone recommend a good youth cello teacher somewhere between North Berkeley and Richmond/El Sobrante? Even better, one who will come to your home! My son is 13, has played for two years and is in need of a local teacher. Thanks. Susan

The thing about cello teachers who are in the wrong location for you is that they know other teachers who may be in the right location for you. Thank goodness we live in a cello rich environment,here. I would suggest you call any one of the teachers recommended in the archived listings, and ask that person for advice. But the most important ingredient is the rapport established between the teacher and student. I've travelled miles and miles for the right music teacher. It is worth it. If you're still stuck, write to me. I'm a cellist and know cellists and teachers who all have connections with those who have connections who have more connections in the area. I'm sure you can find someone. Good luck. Tobie

Rob Shafer in Berkeley has tutored my two daughters for the last five years. I highly recommend him. He's very flexible, his prices are reasonable, and he is very dedicated. His phone number is 548-6658. lkline

Before you look for a cello teacher you need to ask yourself a number of questions about you and your child's goal with the instrument. How serious is your child, what kind of music interests him/her, how much is he/she willing to devote to learning the instrument, what sort of person does he/she work with best, and so on.

You can get a list of local cello teachers from Ifshin's. Crowden can also give you some names. Call them and speak with them about their philosophy and yours. Then have a sample lesson with the teachers who fit your requirements. You and your child together can then make a decision.

As for some Albany / El Cerrito teachers, here are a few:

  Elaine Kreston 558-6889 Eugene Sor 528-8994 Cathy Allen 528-5195 Lucy 

More reviews

Nov 1999

The Crowden School and Center for Music in the Community (CCMC) is located at Rose and Sacramento in Berkeley and has an excellent reference list of bay area violin, viola, cello and bass teachers; CCMC offers after school classes for children and young adults, from solo instrument training to advanced chamber music. CCMC can be reached by calling 559-6910. Ask for Elisabeth.

I recommend Gianna Abondolo as a fine cello teacher. She was recently hired by the Crowden School to teach their after school cello classes. She is a wonderful cellist and has a supportive, enthusiastic approach to teaching.

I highly recommend Matthew Owens, north Berkeley. He seems to have a gift for keeping teenage girls connected to cello playing. My daughter studied with him for about three years, made very good progress and basically hung in there until she felt she had accomplished what she wanted with the instrument.
Editor note: phone number corrected to (510) 215-7294 Sept 2004