Violin or Cello Teacher in El Cerrito, Albany and Berkeley

Hello! My daughter who is 6 now is interested in taking violin and/or cello. Can anyone recommend a violin and/or cello teacher around the area that will travel for private one on one or group lessons with reasonable rates? Thank you!

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Hi, I am not sure whether she travels for lessons, but you might want to contact Gael Alcock. She lives in Central Berkeley and is a wonderful teacher and person.

My daughter and her friend is taking cello lessons with Satya Jimenez. She is a wonderful teacher who is traveling from the city on Sundays to teach the girls. She plays the violin but is teaching beginning cello at the moment and she is great! My daughter loves her. I believe she graduated from San Jose State with a bachelor in music and has been teaching for about 6 years specializing in violin lessons from beginning to intermediate levels. She also has experience with viola and cello and music theory as well. She works great with all ages and is passionate about sharing music to the community. She is currently studying with her private teacher who plays in the San Francisco Symphony. Satya is also forming a quartet and studying at the Berkeley Jazz School. Here is her contact information: satyalessons [at] or windsatya [at] ph: 831 535 9247.