Searching for a Piano teacher for a child in Oakland

My son is 9 years old and he is showing an interest in piano lessons. We are located in Oakland.

Does anyone know of a piano teacher that you can recommend in the Oakland area?

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We were very happy with the preparatory music program at Holy Names University.

Our daughter took piano lessons from a teacher who was familiar with Suzuki method, but also provided age-appropriate music books.

Juliana Graffagna is a wonderful piano teacher located off Piedmont Ave. I took lessons from her a few years ago and I know she teaches children as well. 

My younger daughter loved taking lessons from Libby McLaren out of her home in the Glenview neighborhood. Her wife also does lessons with string instruments so, for a little while, I had one daughter taking fiddle with Robin and one daughter taking piano with Libby. It was fantastic! Both women are excellent teachers. 

phone: 510.866.5431

email: flower2mcl [at]

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