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Rebecah Freeling is a behavior expert specializing in kids with impulsivity, emotional volatility, difficulty “listening,” ADHD, and aggression.

Rebecah owned and directed a successful early-childhood education center from 1999-2010. Today she works with parents and teachers. Rebecah received her education at Ohio State University and the Waldorf Institute of Michigan and is author of the forthcoming book Your Rules Are Dumb: How Parents Can Maintain Their Authority While Creating a Partnership With Their Spirited Child.

Rebecah is passionate about helping strong-willed, “spirited” kids grow in self-discipline and self-confidence. She also loves to help parents create environments that reflect their kids’ personalities and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

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Hi there,

I was experiencing challenges with my daughter a few years back. We had wonderful success working with Rebecah Freeling from Wits' End Parenting. While not a therapist, she is a specialist, and all I can say is that we got excellent results we were looking for. 

Her contact info is: 

Rebecah FreelingWits' End Parenting

rebecah [at] witsendparenting.com

It sounds like your focus is a solution for your child's anger, and if you’re open to a child behavior expert/counselor who is not a psychotherapist, I highly recommendRebecah Freeling. We were introduced to Rebecah through Kaiser are very pleased with our results. She gave us problem-solving tools to support our son’s emotional stability and everyone in our family learned tools to compromise and work as a team. Rebecah’s email is witsendparenting [at] gmail.com. Good luck!

 Our family highly recommends Rebecah Freeling, the founder of wits end parenting.   We really believe she helped set our family in a new direction and two years later we can happily say things are so much better than when we first reached out to. Just recently we referred her to another family who started seeing immediate results. We reached out when our spirited six-year-old was seemingly getting worse and worse and it was taking a toll on the whole family.  Now we call her our family coach and we tell the kids that Rebecca helps us all treat each other more nicely. Just the other day our five-year-old said she missed Rebecah and wanted to go back! What was most helpful in seeing her was that she took the time to really observe our family and make recommendations targeted to specific behaviors. 

 She has a book called your rules are dumber how to maintain your parental authority without creating a partnership with your spirited child. You can find it on Amazon. Her phone number is  614-769-3563 and her email is rebecah [at] witsendparenting.com 


I can very much relate to your post. We have 2 girls (7 and 3 years old). The youngest one sounds like your 2 year old.  She dominated our family life and terrorized us all. She is super engergeic, intense, grabby, squirmy, and loud and really enjoys taking things apart.  My husband and I are both physicians and we realized the importance of early intervention. We read as many books as we could find to deal with her behavior and tried various techniques, got her assessed by the public school district, Kaiser developmental pediatrician, speech and hearing testing. She is only three but she was much harder than our first child so I was convinced there was something wrong with her.  Finally a friend suggested a parenting coach which is something I didn’t even realize existed. I did some research and found Rebeccah Freeling. 

Rebeccah has been life saving for us. We are still in the middle of her her 12 session program but it has already made a big improvement for our family. She comes to your home and meets with you and your kids. She also has meetings in her office where we figure out solutions to our individualized problems. She works with you and your unique situation without being judgmental. She really enjoys these challenging children and knows how to handle them and gives you techniques to deal with every type of situation. So far we have corrected listening to us when we speak, Cleaning up dish plates after meals, our bedtime routine (it was too long and out of control), fights between siblings over toys and shared space, not destroying our property, and grabbing. She has many years of experience as a teacher and a parenting coach and I give her my highest recommendation. She is amazing and I’m so greatful for what she has done for our family. Life seems much more manageable now!

Feel free to email me andreaxdurant [at] gmail.com if you have any questions. happy to talk more  

here is her info:

Rebecah Freeling
Wits' End Parenting
rebecah [at] witsendparenting.com
telephone(614) 769-3563

RE: Money Management Class ()

I've worked with Rebecah Freeling to learn more about savings options and I know she offers financial literacy classes. I highly recommend her. Her email is freelingandassociates [at] gmail.com,

Rebecah Freeling is a family coach and also a financial professional. She helped us with issues around behavior, but she also helped us figure out how to talk to our kids about money. Rebecah is very knowledgeable and understands how kids think and develop. I highly recommend her. We really enjoyed working with her.

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Oct 2013

RE: Help with strong-willed preschooler

I think Rebecah Freeling could be a good fit for you. She helped us out some time back with our two older boys, but I know she has even more extensive experience with younger kids. I really liked how she works to understand your family value system and not try to change that but rather to work within it. She comes to your home so that makes it really easy and takes away the stress of getting to yet another appointment. She had a great combination of patience, humor and insight, in addition to helpful strategies. Give her a try! She can do short-term. Rebecah Freeling, Family Coach rebecah [at] rfreeling.com (614) 769-3563


Aug 2013

RE: Great parenting coach for single mom

In response to Anon who is looking for a parenting coach/therapist for a single mom. We strongly recommend Rebecah Freeling. We've been working with Rebecah for a few months to help guide us through a challenging tine with our 4 year old son. About a year ago we found our son becoming increasingly angry and on a hair trigger, particularly at bed time. She coached us on how we could interact with our son during those difficult moments. Within the first week we saw an immediate and dramatic shift and our son continues to improve. With Rebecah's help we continue to develop our language and approach for guiding our son through the now occasional challenging moment. Rebecah's contact info is: rebecah [at] rfreeling.com or (614) 769-3563.


Jan 2013

RE: Looking for organizer to come every month or so

I'm happy to recommend Rebecah Freeling, (614) 769-3563 (or rebecah [at] rfreeling.com). She's awesome. She's a great organizer, and a great assistant! (She's helped me with bookkeeping and budgeting.) She can handle any specific task you throw at her, and she's also excellent with more complicated projects. And if you lack systems that ease work flow and make organization easier and you need her to design one, she'll come up with one that makes sense to you and fits with your preferences. (And finally, she also works with children, so if it's relevant and you want, she could get it so that your children put their own toys away :-)) Rebecah one of the most focused, efficient, 'get-it-done' people I've met, and she's also very encouraging and validating. I hope you give her a call!

Satisfied Client

I'd like to recommend Rebecah Freeling - a family coach who is also a Waldorf trained educator. I worked with her when she was our preschool teacher last year and she helped us to set a routine for morning time and getting out of the house with my then 4-year-old twin daughters. Waldorf is all about rhythm and Rebecah really understands children! Your exact situation sounds like a really good fit for her skills and experience. She is smart, down to earth, funny, and deeply cares about helping parents to connect with their children and to meet their own needs as grown-ups. Your 9 year old daughter is also going through what's called 'the 9 year old change', and Waldorf educators are uniquely qualified to help you understand what she's facing and what she needs, all while helping you to set structure, boundaries, and get your family back in sync with each other. Her website is: http://www.rfreeling.com/