Help for a defiant 9 year old

hello, I’m looking for recommendations for a therapist for my nine year old son. I’m a single mom with little to no involvement from my son’s father. My son had recently entered a very challenging phase of attitude and defiance and I’m looking for a therapist who can help my son navigate his anger and help me with some new tools to support him. Hoping to find someone in Albany, Kensington, Berkeley area. Thank you!

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It sounds like your focus is a solution for your child's anger, and if you’re open to a child behavior expert/counselor who is not a psychotherapist, I highly recommendRebecah Freeling. We were introduced to Rebecah through Kaiser are very pleased with our results. She gave us problem-solving tools to support our son’s emotional stability and everyone in our family learned tools to compromise and work as a team. Rebecah’s email is witsendparenting [at] Good luck!