Therapist for 10 YO Girl w/ ADHD

We're seeking a therapist for my 9 year old daughter (soon to be 10 in June) with ADHD. Although she is medicated, she still struggles with anger management, impulse control and emotional regulation. We had planned to seek family therapy, but then shelter in place started and then kept going. During the pandemic things have gotten worse and her behavior has deteriorated along with her emotional state. She lies, stays up late into the night and prowls around for sweets after everyone has gone to bed and then lies about it (some more). She'll have two hour crying sessions because we wouldn't let her watch TV till she finished her homework. Any leads on a therapist would be welcome.  

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Hi - we have also been looking for our ADHD daughter, who sounds very similar to ours (she is 8.5, almost 9). Your username is hidden, but I'd love to connect -- I think support with others going through these challenges is really needed. (I'm also interested in finding a great therapist, as our experience with play based felt like it lacked skills and tactics that are really needed to help our kid.) If you're interested in connecting, please reach out, we'd love to get to know you (even though I also know that with children like ours, 'extra' time and socializing can be extremely difficult).

We had begun to explore this modality (DBT group therapy)

Your daughter sounds just like my son (10yo)! We put even a lock on our pantry just for that same reason. There are holes in the walls at our house because he hit them with his toys with so much rage. He lies about being on zoom school all the while playing online games. I can go on and on. Anyway, we are seeing Mindy Szelap on zoom. She talks mainly to us parents, giving us tips and parenting skills to deal with him. It is more like family therapy actually. We really like Mindy. She has lots of experience with ADHD kids. Mindy Szelap (510) 394-5670

Marla R Rosen, MFT has been a great support to my 8 year old son, my husband, and myself this past year.  We do not have an ADHD diagnosis, but were struggling with some similar behaviors and difficult dynamics.  Marla was highly recommended to me (by a trusted therapist) as a profoundly skilled and experienced child therapist, and her expertise with us as parents has been transformative.  She can be reached marlarosenmft (at), 510-399-0473.  Highly recommend.

Hi there,

I was experiencing challenges with my daughter a few years back. We had wonderful success working with Rebecah Freeling from Wits' End Parenting. While not a therapist, she is a specialist, and all I can say is that we got excellent results we were looking for. 

Her contact info is: 

Rebecah FreelingWits' End Parenting

rebecah [at]