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Child Psychologist with ADHD experience Sep 13, 2019 (4 responses below)
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  • Child Psychologist with ADHD experience

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    I am looking for recommendation for a child psychologist with ADHD experience. Would prefer a female and in the East Bay. I have looked and contacted many and all seem to be full.   Thank you in advance.


    I don't know if she is full, but you could try Renee Talmon at the Berkeley Therapy Center: Good luck! 

    We are working with Heidi Zeichick with Psychiatric Alternatives.  Our daughter has ADHD and other learning differences. We’ve found her to be helpful to our daughter and to us. My husband and I started seeing her concurrently for parent support and this has also been extremely helpful. 

    Heidi also has personal experience with ADHD so we find this helpful because she gets it as a parent as well as from a clinical perspective.  

    Not sure if she has space but their admin office is really responsive. 

    Wishing you the best.

    Alison Potter on Grizzly Peak is a psychiatrist, but she has experience with ADHD, dyslexia, etc. She is relatively new to the area, and we had no trouble getting an appointment with her.

  • We are looking for a psychologist for a six year old girl who may have ADHD. We'd like to find someone who works well with children and is very knowledgeable about ADHD. It would be great if he/she uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has some experience working with bright children. We can get to appointments in Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek. 

    Ross Andelman (510) 527-9615

    He works with kids, specializes in ADHD, super-competent and a really really nice guy.

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Psychologist for negative child with ADHD

March 2013

I have a grade school child who was diagnosed with ADHD. However almost everything out of his mouth is doom and gloom. He seems to always tell me the negative side. I have tried asking what are some positive things and he wants no part of it. His life is good, family, friends and doing well in school and sports. However he seems unhappy. Does anyone know of a child psychologist that works with ADHD children? Thank you for reading. Worried Mom Anon

Kent Grelling is a wonderful psychologist who works with kids and adolescents. He is in Orinda. Been There