seeking psychiatrist for 11 year old

Hello BPN Family,

We seek a psychiatrist for our 11-year-old with ADHD and social issues. Our child tends to bottle up what is bothering them and then has severe meltdowns at home as a result. Most of the meltdowns are because of social issues. We constantly communicate with their teachers, so the anxiety is not related to typical ADHD-related problems like time management or stress over school assignments. As we enter the teen years, we want to cover all our bases. We prefer talk therapy with strategies over art therapy.

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My daughter is 8, almost 9 and struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, showing the beginning signs of self harm.

At school, she does very well. It is at home when she shows how she feels, has melt downs, says troubling things. For several years I felt she needed a therapist, though her father was resistant. We are separated.

Recently, he agreed, after emphasizing her pediatrician thought it was a good idea.

Have called so many numbers, and no luck yet.

Please advise