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  • Alameda therapist with ADHD experience

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    I'm exploring therapy for my teenage daughter, she was diagnosed with ADHD (mild/inattentive) last year and doing fairly well. I'd like to find someone she can build a relationship and explore her own thoughts and feelings with both the diagnosis but also high school issues. She does not open up easily, is always very light-hearted, and often has somatic issues and missing school. Hoping to find a space where she can feel comfortable to explore this.  We have Kaiser (though it's so limited and may not even accept her without a crisis) or can consider private pay.

    thank you

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  • My almost thirteen year old daughter has been seeing a therapist for about 2 years and has made very little progress. She struggles with emotional regulation, acting appropriately when "getting in trouble" at school, and taking responsibility for her actions. My daughter has ADHD and multiple LDs. 

    From what I can tell, her therapist does some pointed work with her but much of their time is spent chatting.  

    I realize this is a difficult time to find anyone with after school openings but I'd appreciate recommendations for a skilled therapist who can help her make progress. An even taller order, we need someone who accepts insurance...

    Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations! 

    We have had great success for these issues through the SSP Safe and Sound Protocol.

    Google for local providers in your area.

  • Therapist for college daughter with ADHD

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    Seeking recommendations for a therapist for our college-aged child with ADHD.  We are seeing (and learning about / discovering) more emotional issues that are apparently quite common with ADHD, and are causing great difficulty; our child is really at the end of their rope.  Without going into too much detail, it’s become clear that a therapist is needed.  I’m doing the “homework” at this point since college is keeping her busy to the point of overwhelm.  This would be more for helping with relationship issues than organizational coaching.  Can anyone recommend a therapist that specializes in helping adults with ADHD navigate life with ADHD plus the low self esteem, anxiety, depression, etc. that can be such a large part of it all?  Appreciate any suggestions and recommendations, thanks. 

    My kid has the same issues, and is doing well in her sophomore year in college.  One thing that helps tremendously is tapping into the learning center at the university, which assists kids with learning issues, including a separate space with extra time for testing, help with executive functioning and organization, and just checking in with someone to make sure she stays on track academically.  It's a CA state university; I think most of them have similar services.  Check with your child's school to see if anything similar is offered.  Good luck to you and your daughter.  


    We are supporting our daughter with similar challenges although she is still in high school. A lot to share actually to much to write out. If you haven’t already visited CHADD online it’s a great resource to start. I will share that therapy has not provided the support we were hoping for our daughter. What has helped tremendously is an executive function coach. I highly recommend work by Dr Peg Dawson. Great blog

    at You can also work with Dr Dawson online - daughter is currently using the work smart academic planner by peg dewson and Richard

    Guare. Finally we found something that works. Yeah. 
    Writing this from my phone. 

    Good Luck!!

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Experienced therapist for 17 year old daughter with ADHD

Feb 2012

Seeking youthful yet experienced and licensed therapist to help teenage daughter with issues around procrastination, self-sabotage and ADHD. Though open to therapy, she is skeptical and bright enough to have an inexperienced therapist running around in circles. Ideally, close to central Berkeley. Many thanks! Grateful for suggestions

I'd like to recommend my son's therapist, MarRem Remington, because she is fantastic with kids with ADHD (like my son) and kids wired differently (more emotional, more sensitive, more explosive, etc.). MarRem has 20+ years in special education before becoming a therapist, so she seems to really ''get'' these kids on almost an energetic level and connects with them in a skillful and compassionate way (without being ''played by them''). She is also great at giving the kid and the rest of the family strategies to honor the kid's emotional experience, while increasing his/her functioning in the family and at school. She has been seeing my son for awhile and he has gone from an ADHD kid frustrated with school and family life, to a much happier kid with emotional awareness and skills to self-regulate. She has really helped our entire family (my husband, our younger sibling and I) work with the ups and down and particular challenges of having a family member with ADHD in the family. She is located at Ashby and Shattuck in Berkeley. If you'd like to talk more about her style or any other details, feel free to e-mail me directly or call her for a phone consultation at (510) 835-4357. Good luck! j.

J.J. Kelly at Berkeley Therapy Institute has helped my teenaged daughter with similar issues, and we are grateful. I don't know where we'd be without her! She is wise, straight-forward and effective. Her phone number is 510-841-8484.

There are two fantastic, licensed therapists who see teens at JFCS/East Bay--a nonprofit agency right here in downtown Berkeley (accepts insurance and has sliding scale). Call 510-704-7475 and ask about Rikki Sudikoff and Alexis Lowenstein. More info at FYI, ''Jewish'' in the agency name, but services open to all.

For your daughter's therapy, taking into consideration your words: ..''youthful yet experienced and licensed therapist to help teenage daughter with issues around procrastination, self-sabotage and ADHD''. I recommend Marenka Cerny, MFT, in Berkeley. Marenka has experience with youths and young adults exhibiting symptoms that fit your daughter's needs. Marenka is a delightful person, excellent clinical training; with a good head. She also possesses a good youthful energy. You can see her intelligently written website. Her writing there clearly shows her professional background and her personal insights that she puts into her practice. Go to: Ph:510-717-9365. Marenka Cerny has helped members of my family with real life issues. She has effectively helped their personal growth and there has been positive behavioral changes in their lives. Suzanne

Hi, I would completely recommend you Orit Weksler, MFT in Berkeley. She is great with intelligent teenagers. Have a look at her website: Best, Eszter

Could 13-year-old with ADHD also be bipolar?

Dec 2006

I have a big order for an African American therapist for my teenage daughter (13) who is very angry and hostile most of the time. She is on ADHD medication which she must take for school. She does get ''medication holidays''. Her behavior has escalated over the past few months and has begun to be so disruptive that I suspect something other than teenage acting out. Does anyone have any recommendations. We have Kaiser insurance and can use medi-cal for 2nd opinions (She is adopted) How does one differentiate between bipolor disease and adolescent acting out?

Check the web for symptoms of bipolar. Try NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness. Does your daughter get much sleep? Who prescribed the ADHD medication? Ask them about the diagnosis of ADHD vs bipolar. Does she have times of depression? Does she exhibit risky behavior such as drugs, sex or money? Talk to the Kaiser Mental Health advice line Anon

If you are willing to use your medi-cal, it is fairly easy to obtain an African American therapist and psychiatrist. spider

This is not a direct response to your request, but I'm wondering whether you've also considered the possibility that, if your daughter is menstruating, she might be suffering from severe PMS or even PMDD? Joan