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Seeking recommendations for a therapist for our college-aged child with ADHD.  We are seeing (and learning about / discovering) more emotional issues that are apparently quite common with ADHD, and are causing great difficulty; our child is really at the end of their rope.  Without going into too much detail, it’s become clear that a therapist is needed.  I’m doing the “homework” at this point since college is keeping her busy to the point of overwhelm.  This would be more for helping with relationship issues than organizational coaching.  Can anyone recommend a therapist that specializes in helping adults with ADHD navigate life with ADHD plus the low self esteem, anxiety, depression, etc. that can be such a large part of it all?  Appreciate any suggestions and recommendations, thanks. 

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My kid has the same issues, and is doing well in her sophomore year in college.  One thing that helps tremendously is tapping into the learning center at the university, which assists kids with learning issues, including a separate space with extra time for testing, help with executive functioning and organization, and just checking in with someone to make sure she stays on track academically.  It's a CA state university; I think most of them have similar services.  Check with your child's school to see if anything similar is offered.  Good luck to you and your daughter.  


We are supporting our daughter with similar challenges although she is still in high school. A lot to share actually to much to write out. If you haven’t already visited CHADD online it’s a great resource to start. I will share that therapy has not provided the support we were hoping for our daughter. What has helped tremendously is an executive function coach. I highly recommend work by Dr Peg Dawson. Great blog

at You can also work with Dr Dawson online - daughter is currently using the work smart academic planner by peg dewson and Richard

Guare. Finally we found something that works. Yeah. 
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Good Luck!!