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I want to be more educated when it comes to managing my finances. Eventually, I would like to hire a financial planner (or the like). However, I want to know the basic fundamentals before I hire someone. I would like to learn about savings strategies: percentage of income to retirement, home maintenance/renovation, education, vacations, etc. The different investment tools out there.  I would like to feel comfortable and confidant sitting in an office with a financial planner and not be at their "mercy" because of my own ignorance. I don't want my financial future to rest in the hands of someone, blindly. Is there a class out there that offers something like that? My schedule is somewhat flexible - so I can take a day or night class. Or is there a book out there that I could read to educate myself, something along the "For Dummies" series? Has anyone else out there ever educated themselves in their own finances and if so, how? Many thanks in advance for your help! (FWIW, I'm middle-aged, working, married, homeowner and mother of a 5 year-old).

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I've worked with Rebecah Freeling to learn more about savings options and I know she offers financial literacy classes. I highly recommend her. Her email is freelingandassociates [at],