seeking a postive behavior coach for parents of for 4 year old

Hello BPN!

We have an active 4 year old boy who has been testing boundaries a lot over the past year or so.  We are seeking a parent coach / behaviorist -- ideally someone who can work with us to better understand his behavior and put together a positive behavior plan for us to implement.  He doesn’t seem to respond well to consequences — e.g. taking things away at home, but does better with things like giving space and opportunity to apologize.  In sum, it seems a positive approach with incentives etc is likely going to be most effective, but we are worried we are too permissive and inconsistent, hence our request for help and structure.  (Also, he seems to have much less of this behavior at school, it's mostly at home with us.)

Any recommendations for a fantastic coach/behaviorist is appreciated!

Thank you :) 

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I highly recommend Rachel Tucker When we were having issues with our then 3-year-old child, I went to her workshop and received valuable tips. She is exceptionally talented with the preschool and grade school age kids and their parents. I believe she also works with preschools. 


I also recommend Rachel Tucker. She does a great job connecting with kids and supporting parents.


We worked with Rebecah Freeling of Wits' End Parenting, and really liked working with her. We signed up for a series of about 8 sessions with Rebecah when my son was around 3. I liked that we got personalized input. I had listened to a lot of parenting podcasts, but I needed to know what to do for our specific situations and child. It also helped to have a parenting coach who could adjust based on how well a tactic worked (or not). Overall, it helped me understand parenting more.