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  • Kaiser ENT recommendation for adult

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    Looking for a recommendation for a Kaiser ENT for a consult related to chronic sinus issues and possible surgery. Ideally would love to find someone at Kaiser Oakland or San Leandro but open to traveling further for someone highly recommended. I’ve searched the archives but am hoping to get some more feedback especially since most of the recs are for pediatric consults and/or aren’t super recent. Feel free to send me a DM if you prefer to not post publicly. 

    My husband just finished up with treatment for this nasal polyps. He saw Dr. Jonathon Liang at Oakland and was happy with the doctor's care. My husband had the option to try steroids and nasal rinses in lieu of surgery but wasn't very compliant, and ending up having the surgery. I met the physician at bedside for recovery, and also watched one of the surgery follow up visits. Hubby's clear sinuses were evident almost right away because he was no longer nasal and stuffed up sounding. Hubby followed post-surgery instructions to the letter. The surgery itself took place in Richmond. I have nasal polyps myself and if I could somehow manuever myself into his care, I would. 

  • Vocal Cord Disorder...now what?

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    My fifteen year old has been diagnosed with a 'vocal chord disorder'.  Her breathing is very difficult when exercising and she plays sports.  Has anyone had experiences with treatment that they have found helpful?  An ENT that you found helpful?   Can you recommend a specialist at Kaiser in the east bay?  We have been untangling this knot for a long time and I would love a direct line! 

    The current recommendation is to go to a speech pathologist and a respiratory therapist. If anyone has had experience with this route at Kaiser east bay I would really appreciate any information you can share.

    It's definitely not asthma so please no asthma advice.

    My daughter has this, and we saw someone at Kaiser. Unfortunately, I do not remember the doctor's name, but they were helpful. My understanding is that this can happen, especially to high functioning kids who put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed; the vocal chords close up and it feels like you can't breathe even though you can. For my daughter, meditation and mindfulness has helped. Also, when it happens, she takes a 5 minute break to relax her vocal chords, drink some water, and step back from the situation. She'll say it's asthma, because it's easier to explain to others than the vocal chord disorder, but taking a moment with focused breathing helps her tremendously. She also started singing in her school's choir which I think also helped. Good luck!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

ENT recommendation? Or, reviews of Dr. Drury?

June 2011

I have a chronic sinus infection with recurrent tonsilitis. Alternative therapies are not clearing up the problem. I am looking at a tonsilectomy or more. Does anyone know anything about Dr. Drury?

I love dr drury!!!! He has the best bedside manners,is extremely considered and tries many alternatives before surgery. I had surgery with him and felt I was In super good hands. His office (admin staff ) was not so good in the past but I think they made some Changes which showed when I saw him one year ago. Good luck! Stefanie

I love Dr. Drury! He has a great bedside manner and I find him to be caring, polite, positive, supportive, kind and very concerned about pain and discomfort. In April he roto-rooted my sinuses (my sinus life is so much better), reduced turbinates and repaired my deviated septum. It all went perfectly and I have had no complications. He let me make the choice about the surgery, no pressure, and recommended at tonsillectomy for the end of the summer after all is healed. The Summit ENT office does run a little on the late side. I think its because Drury spends time with his patients, talks with them, and answers questions. Good Luck!

Dr. William Lewis at Summit ENT is the greatest. He treated my daughter over a 5 year period and through several surgeries. Brilliant and warm surgeon. Treats adults and peds. lac

I cannot speak to Dr. Drury, but I will say that I was in your shoes a while back having had nonstop sinus etc. infections for many months. Getting my tonsils out gave me back my health and changed my life. I would caution though that, as an adult, the recovery is much longer than it is for kids. I don't think I ate for over a week and my doctor told me no heavy exercise for several months. Here's hoping you feel better. Good luck! Tonsil free and well worth it

Dr. Drury was my ENT for recurrent sinus infections about 6 years ago. I was incredibly happy with my care from him. Ultimately I needed sinus surgery and everyone I ran into in the hospital said, that's the guy you want. He's very nice and personable and seems to really care about his patients. That being said, he was never, I repeat, never on time. I don't know if that has changed. But there were times I waited over 2 hours for my appointment, my scheduled-in-advance appointment, not a ''can you fit me in'' kind. I was told that's because he is so nice and tries to help out where he can. So, I can't say enough good things about him and his care of me, but the triple booking of appointments, is not really to my taste. You may be able to call the office and see if this has been reformed - my OB started running on time so I know it can happen. Otherwise, be prepared to wait for good care.

If you want to travel, I also saw Karen Fong out in Walnut Creek for a sinus problem last year. No incredible wait there, but she's crazy pricey so if your insurance doesn't cover it, don't go there.

Good luck, I hope you're on the road to feeling better. Claire

I have heard that Dr. Drury is a good doctor, but after sitting 2 hours in his waiting room, I didn't care to find out. The whole time I waited, not one person in the overcrowded room was seen. When I complained to the front desk, I was told that ''Dr. Drury's time is very important'', as if his patients' time didn't matter at all. My time is important, too!

We have been seeing Dr. Drury for about 18 years on and off, since my daughter was a baby with severe ear infections. She had two sets of tubes done by Dr. Drury at both 1 and 2 years of age. I know the treatment of severe ear infections is a bit different today, but he was wonderful with my daughter and us as concerned parents. I also have been treated by Dr. Drury for vocal cord polyps that required surgery to remove. I had tried many alternatives, including acupuncture, and he was supportive of this. In the end, the surgery went amazingly smooth, though I was not supposed to talk for one week and off work for two. I never even took advil after the surgery. One caveat....the office always runs behind so bring a good book! Melissa

Bernie Drury is excellent--excellent surgeon, excellent diagnostician. I cannot abide his front office staff--generally rude or indifferent. Expect a wait of up to two hours.

I wish more people would tell Dr. Drury what their experience of his office is. I don't know that it would make a difference, but it might be worth trying because he is so very fine a doctor and person, and there is no way that that front office reflects him. Anon

Gordon Epstein (ENT) at PAMF for sleep apnea

May 2011

My husband's PCP has referred him to Gordon H. Epstein at PAMF regarding snoring and daytime sleepiness. Has anyone seen Dr.Epstein regarding sleep apnea ? Anon

If you have sleep apnea, would recommend Raphael Pelayo at Stanford Sleep Clinic in Redwood City. If you need surgery to correct your sleep apnea obstruction, you can do no better than to consult with Dr. Kasey Li, in E. Palo ALto. A PAMF dr. might be ok for garden variety type issues, but if yours is a serious surgery and if you can afford it, at least get a second opinion and see Dr Li. http://www.sleepapneasurgery.com/ anonymous

2010 - 2009 Reviews

Dr. Andrew Moyce, ENT, Summit, Oakland

Nov 2009

I would like to hear from anyone who has been treated by Dr. Moyce regarding your opinion/experience? I just had a bad experience with an ENT, and I would like to make sure I find a good fit. I am being treated for Meniere's disease. In particular, is Dr. Moyce thorough and willing to answer questions? Thanks. amy

Dr. Moyce is a very good doctor. He treated my son's ear infections and did all his ear tube surgeries. There can be a wait for him in his Oakland office (sometimes 45 minutes), but he works with another doctor who is wonderful...very personable and friendly, and who may have less of a wait. I don't remember his name but I would recommend either one of them. Jodi

I've been treated by Dr. William Lewis at the same office as Dr. Moyce, also for Meniere's. I'd recommend him -- he's conscientious and caring. In addition, he did some training with my ENT on the east coast, who was the best ENT I have ever consulted for Meniere's. Email me if you'd like to discuss further. peter

I saw Dr. Moyce in 2001 to have nasal polyps removed. And my nasal passages are still clear today. I have the highest regard for Dr. Moyce. In the past few years I have had follow-up visits with him, and he patiently listened and answered all my questions. Good luck. Anon

2008 - 2007 Reviews

Surgeon for my husband's malignant sinus tumor

May 2008

Can anyone recommend an excellent surgeon for my husband's malignant sinus tumor? He was just diagnosed by a cosmetic surgeon and we would like to get him to a specialist. I couldn't find anything in the archives here. Jenny

Jenny, I would recommend contacting the UCSF otolaryngology department and specifically trying to see Andrew Goldberg. My partner has had three sinus surgeries (though none with tumors) and it was for her third surgery that she went to UCSF and Dr. Goldberg. (The earlier two were via ABSMC.) We consulted several ENT doctor friends around the country and they all recommended him as one of the best in the field. I would feel good about his care or who he recommended. Here is his info at UCSF. http://ohns.ucsf.edu/aboutus/profile_details.asp?ProfileId=4 It's scary stuff being the spouse of someone facing really challenging medical issues. I wish you the best and encourage you both to be aggressive in finding the best care for your husband. Good luck.

I highly reccomend Dr. Bernard Drury, ENT in Oakland on Pill Hill, (510) 465-0941. I know he has performed this surgery before. He is highly skilled and a very popular ENT- he knows his stuff, and is the nicest doctor you will meet. You may wait to get in to the office to see him, but the wait is worth it (not sure how it works with the issue of a malignant tumor). My husband had surgery with him last year and it was a very positive experience. (He went to Columbia for Med school, I have heard that he was a dual ENT/Brain Surgery Resident but quit Brain surgery as he enjoyed ENT more). Dr. Moise is also another excellent option, but his bedside mannerism is not as pleasant as Dr. Drurys. Laura

Ear Nose and Throat - Walnut Creek

Feb 2008

Looking for recommendations for a Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in Walnut Creek. Ringing ears

We have had lots of luck with the group that includes Drs. Hsieh and Scott. While we see Hsieh and like him very much, we have several friends who see Scott and are also quite pleased. They are on Ygnacio Valley Rd. near Heather Farms. Good luck! sign me No More Ringing

ENT for chronic sinus infections

March 2007

Has anyone seen either Dr. Bruce Rice or Dr. Richard Kerbavaz for ear, nose, and throat problems? I have been suffering from chronic sinus infections, and my primary care physician recommended these two doctors, but I have no other information about either of them. I also see several recommendations for Dr. Andrew Moyce dating back to 2002; can anyone report on more recent experiences with him, or on any other doctors who might be good at taking a traditional-Western-medicine approach to patching up my sinuses? Thanks, if so! Anonymous

My mother was treated by Dr. Bruce Rice and before that by his father. Bruce took over his father's practice. He is excellent. My mom had throat cancer. We could not have asked for better care. She was cancer free for 20 years before she passed away from unrelated causes. He continued to see her up to her death. Juliet

Drs. Rice and Kerbavaz are excellent. They are trusted colleagues (I also practice in Berkeley) and Dr. Rice has treated my own daughter. I recommend them both highly. Robert, retired MD

I have seen Dr. Kerbavez for chronic and acute sinus problems which triggered severe asthma attacks -- and he's helped me tremendously. He recommended that I rinse out my nose/sinuses using a Neti-Med bottle and packets of salt/sodium bicarb (like a Neti-pot, but it's a squeeze bottle that makes it easy to put saline up the nose). My allergist recommended that I add Pulmocort respule (steroid) to each bottle to curb the inflammation and this has so far prevented a recurrence. Also, he treated the infections I had with Levaquin, a powerful broad spectrum antibiotic, and he recommended I keep some on hand and start it immediately if my nasal discharge turns thick and yellow or green. Levaquin is what my pulmonary doc uses when my lungs get infected -- and this works well for me.

I don't know Dr.Rice at all, only Dr. Kerbavez. I know Dr. K. both as a colleague and as a patient of his and he is, to me, the gold standard of physicians - they don't get any better than him. He also has voicemail, so you can leave him a message and say in your own words what is going on with you. The only problem with him and his office is that calls are not necessarily returned promptly and it may be difficult to get in to see him right away. If you are a new patient, you can wait a long time, or he may be closed to new patients from time to time. Hedy Straus hedy

my husband recently broke his nose/sinus in a bicycle accident, and he saw Dr. William Lewis (http://ent-oakland.com/doctors-profiles.htm#Lewis) at summit ENT (same practice as Dr. Moyce). he was patient, thorough, and calm. also, we accidentally mixed up the appointment time and came in about an hour early, and would not have been able to stay because we had to pick up our daughter, and Dr. Lewis was able to squeeze us in early, and still not seem rushed.

that being said, for sinus problems, the ''best'' is supposedly Dr. Winston Vaughan, founder of the California Sinus Institute. http://www.calsinus.com/stanford-sinus-doctor.htm my friend has seen several MD's for her sinuses, and out of her 3 surgeries, his was the least painful, and most effective (she has a fungal infection that's very hard to treat), and she highly recommends him. he has offices in san ramon and at stanford. anon

I've been a patient of Dr. Kerbavaz for about 2 years. I was referred to him by my OBGYN, in whom I have complete faith. He listened to what I said, gave me a through exam, and explained all my options. I've never felt rushed, and he answers all my questions. He doesn't try and push you into surgery or expensive procedures/tests. I'd recommend him highly. Kim

I've been a regular patient of Dr. Kerbavaz's for over 10 years, when he removed a benign tumor, and cannot say enough positive things about him, his thoroughness, willingness to answer all my questions in detail and his reassuring demeanor! He takes a traditional allopathic approach and does not get defensive when I ask about the side-effects of all those steroid nasal sprays and other meds. that I now so willingly use (I still use my neti-pot and see my acupuncturist regulary). At my annual visits we always address my chronic allergy problems and whatever cold virus I seem to have at the time. Good luck. Anon.

I've worked with Dr. Kerbavaz at Alta Bates Hospital. He's very experienced, professional and caring. You'll like him.

I have seen both and Dr. Kerbavez and Dr, Rice, and they are like night and day. Dr. Kerbavez is extremely thorough and gentle and has a great bedside manner, while Dr. Rice can be gruff. j

2006 - 2005 Reviews

Lost my sense of smell - need a good ENT

June 2006

I lost my sense of smell, and am looking for a good ENT anywhere in the Bay Area.

I really like Dr. Richard Kerbavaz, 510.845.4500, on Dwight Way in Berkeley. Best wishes. Ann

Excellent ENT for fluid in ears

April 2006

Requesting an excellent Ear-Nose-Throat specialist to see if anything can be done for an ear (adult) that has been filled with fluid, thus blocking hearing, for years. Berkeley-El Cerrito-Oakland area preferred. Ideally, ENT would take Alta Bates/HealthNet insurance. M

Dr. Richard Kerbavez in Berkeley is great, but make sure you see him. I have found that one doctor in a practice may be wonderful, but that is not necessarily true of all the doctors. I don't think Kerbavez takes healthnet, but it's worth paying for him.

2004 & Earlier

Surgery to remove tumor on parotid gland

Nov 2004

I just discovered I might need surgery to remove a tumor on my parotid gland. I would appreciate any recommendation regarding a surgeon at the Head and Neck Department of UCSF. Names of excellent surgeons in this specialty associated with other Bay Area hospitals would also be appreciated. Thanks so much. anxious patient

We strongly recommend Dr. Robert Jackler, Professor & Chair of Otolaryngology at Stanford. He is very knowledgeable, has great bedside manner and highly respected in his area of expertise. He also has a great staff. He is not a pediatric ENT but did see my daughter for a reoccuring pre-auricular cyst. She just underwent surgery with him last week and up to this point we are happy with the results. Obviously only time will tell how successful the surgery was-but we are very hopeful. Dr. Jackler feels very confident we will not have any further problems. His info: 801 Welch Road, Stanford. CA 94305. Ph: 650-723-5281 Best of luck to you. chris

More ENT Reviews

Feb 2002

Does anyone have any experience with a Dr. Wade Cartwright? Are there any other ear, nose, and throat specialists that any of you particularly recommend? Thanks, Siobhan

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Bernard Drury in Oakland. He is a wonderful doctor with a great bedside manner. I've seen him as an adult, but often my son came with me and I could tell he is great with kids. (He has six.) He reminds me of Mr. Rogers. Deborah

September 2001

Does anyone know of an ears, nose, throat specialist, which I think are called otolaryngologist. I'm looking for someone in the Berkeley area if possible. thanks, Marsha

I just went to see Dr. Adam Marvin, who was highly recommended by a friend. I loved him -- seasoned, smart, patient. He's in San Leandro off of 580 at 510/483-3565. Nancy

I can highly recommend Dr. Andrew Moyce of Oakland. He's very professional and his staff is very friendly and helpful. Good luck.

Also recommended: Michael Lenoir

March 2001

Re: Plastic Surgery for a Cyst

I know that Dr Moyce is an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, although he may do reconstructive surgery in those areas. Lisa

Dr. Andrew Moyce performed surgery on me on March 2000. I had polyps removed from my sinus cavities and nasal passages, and he corrected a deviated septum. The surgery was successful and no complications afterward. He is very professional in manner, has a good sense of humor, and was patient with all my questions. The staff was very supportive, too. Bill