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    My husband has been suffering from what we believe to be periodic episodes of Meniere's for the past few years. These bouts are characterized by ringing in the ear, extreme vertigo (sometimes leading to vomiting if he doesn't pop a meclizine and zofran quickly enough), and oftentimes a headache, usually behind the eye. (Maybe an ocular migraine?) He's ruled out other potential brain issues via MRI, and recently had fluid buildup in his ear. I'd love to find a dr who specializes in Meniere's, and the recommendations on BPN are quite outdated. One of the doctors who was mentioned - Dr. Calanoff - seems to have retired, as I cannot find current contact info for him. I know that ENT's are generally the doctors that treat this, but I want someone who REALLY knows about Meniere's and how to best treat it. Thank you!

    Sorry for what you are going through. My husband has been going through something similar. ENTs that have helped him with further testing options and we recommend are: Dr. Steenersen at Stanford Health and Dr. Sharon at UCSF. Hope you get some answers and it gets better.

    If you can travel across the bridge, try Dr. Jacob Johnson, who is an ENT with San Francisco Otolaryngology. Fantastic, smart doctor, UCSF adjunct faculty.

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Experience with Meniere's Disease while breastfeeding?

July 2003

I have been diagnosed as having Meniere's Diesease, an inner ear disfunction that causes vertigo, fullness and ringing in the ear. I have had this problem on and off for the past 7 years. It has usually been associated with a cold but was once brought on by flying in a small, unpressurized plane. Attacks have been mild or a few have been really dibilitating. My ENT just prescribed prednisone to reduce the inflamation of the ear cannal and acetazolamide to reduce water retention. However, I am nursing and cannot nurse while the prednisone is in my system and am saving the other medication only for an emergency attack in which case I would have to give my baby formula or pumped milk. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this disease and any natural remedies or alternative treatments to help ease the symptoms. I have read the posts and nothing was mentioned specific to my question. Thank you

I encourage you to get more information on the use of Prednisone while breastfeeding. Doctors discourage it, being conservative, but I believe Tom Hale's ''Medications and Mother's Milk'' concluded that it is fine. My local La Leche League leader has a copy; you can find your local leader's number from the LLL website http// Good luck. Jennie
I was first diagnosed with Meniere's disease in 1999, when my baby was a few months old. I saw a number of specialists, including ENTs, a neurologist, and and an allergist, before turning in desperation to an ad in the Chronicle by a medical group called Allergy Therapy Solutions. I am now symptom-free, and I recommend ATS highly for anyone suffering from Meniere's disease or asthma who has failed other therapies. The number is 888-738-3200. You'll reach an answering service who will put you in touch with Dr. Calenoff, the director. He interviews potential patients personally before they even come in for an office visit. They also have a website maria
Acupuncture can be effective for Meniere's disease. Rest is also often important, which can be quite challenging when parenting an infant. I would find some good acupuncture recommendations (start with this list) and ask about their experience with this condition. Tara

How effective is allergy testing for Meniere's?

March 2002

Does anyone know how effective allergy screening and treatment is on Meniere's disease? A company with offices in SF & Walnut Creek offers allergy testing & shots to help with Meniere's, as well as other things, but it is kind of pricy. Any other advice would be appreciated!

A friend of mine cut out all dairy which helped, and I was told to avoid salt to help with Meniere's, so it might make sense to do a more complete allergy screening. In my case, the vertigo turned out to be related to full-blown mono (Epstein-Barr virus). My doctor finally did a blood test which can culture the virus up to around 18 months after infection. It's taken me about 2 years to recover. Good luck. Anonymous
I'd like to get in contact with the person who asked about RAST testing for Meniere's disease through a company called ATS. I had hoped to see some responses to your post, as I too am considering doing this testing. If you are interested in comparing notes, sharing stories, etc. please contact me. Maria