Specialist for Meniere's Disease

My husband has been suffering from what we believe to be periodic episodes of Meniere's for the past few years. These bouts are characterized by ringing in the ear, extreme vertigo (sometimes leading to vomiting if he doesn't pop a meclizine and zofran quickly enough), and oftentimes a headache, usually behind the eye. (Maybe an ocular migraine?) He's ruled out other potential brain issues via MRI, and recently had fluid buildup in his ear. I'd love to find a dr who specializes in Meniere's, and the recommendations on BPN are quite outdated. One of the doctors who was mentioned - Dr. Calanoff - seems to have retired, as I cannot find current contact info for him. I know that ENT's are generally the doctors that treat this, but I want someone who REALLY knows about Meniere's and how to best treat it. Thank you!

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Sorry for what you are going through. My husband has been going through something similar. ENTs that have helped him with further testing options and we recommend are: Dr. Steenersen at Stanford Health and Dr. Sharon at UCSF. Hope you get some answers and it gets better.

If you can travel across the bridge, try Dr. Jacob Johnson, who is an ENT with San Francisco Otolaryngology. Fantastic, smart doctor, UCSF adjunct faculty.