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  • My 5 year old is having a procedure (benign tumor removed on his face) next week at UCSF Benioff in Oakland with Dr. Paymon Rahgozar. Does anyone have any experience with him? He was stuck in traffic and missed our consultation, but he did spend 20 minutes on the phone with me talking me through the procedure.  I don't see any reviews on him anywhere, but assuming he's good b/c at UCSF...  Thanks!  

    I’ve worked with Dr Raghozar at Children’s Hospital for several years; you’re in expert hands. He’s very experienced, and very kind, too. You and your child will be well cared for by the staff there, and by pediatric anesthesiologists (so important), too. 

  • My 18-year old daughter has a large indented scar above her buttocks, and is considering reconstructive surgery.  We would appreciate any referrals to local plastic surgeons that might perform this type of procedure.

    The Buncke Clinic is where I would go for anything requiring plastic surgery. If they can’t take that particular case for whatever reason, I would go with whomever they recommend. 

    My son had a large scar on his face and when we asked around to several people they recommended Michael Cedars - has has his own practice but is (or was at the time) head of cranio-facial plastic surgery at Children's Hospital Oakland. He did a good job with my son's scars. 

  • Plastic Surgery Advice needed

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    I have already made the decision that I will be getting liposuction (so please no trying to talk me out of that) but for those who have how have you gone about looking for the right surgeon?  I have met with a Dr Cedars in Oakland and I really liked him and his yelp reviews (although limited) are good I feel like I am suppose to go meet more surgeons and price compare.  Any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    Go to and pose the question. It is a clearinghouse for all kinds of cosmetic procedures and about a zillion people as well as professionals go there. Your doc in question may have been featured/reviewed there.

    Big lurker, but no guts to take the cosmetic procefure plunge...

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Repair for Broken Nose

Jan 2002

I need to have surgery on my nose to repair damage I did when I broke it about 6 months ago. I was pregnant at the time so I could not go under general anesthesia to get it fixed before it set. Because it broke in 3 places, I will have to have it rebroken in those places to realign the septum etc. Essentially, I am now going to have a nose job because it has new bumps and is a bit lopsided (although my husband says I am the only one who is really aware of it). I saw Dr. Drury in Oakland when it first happened and was wondering if anyone has experience with him or his partner, Dr. Moyce for surgery of this kind. I am also wondering if I should consider going to a board certified plastic surgeon to fix it instead since Drs. Drury and Moyce are ENT specialists and not board certified plastic surgeons. My insurance is with Alta Bates Medical Group so it would help to have someone in that group. Three doctors I saw that are in that group are Michael Carstens, Richard Kahn and Shain Javaheri. Any thoughts on these doctors would be appreciated. I have seen the recommendations on the website already but they focus on hand surgery and skin issues rather than fixing the bones in the nose. Any experience with nose surgery that people have had would be great! Thanks.

When my son was in 2nd grade he was hit in the face with a tennis racket. His nose could be described as being in two pieces. Our wonderful pediatrician arranged for him to go to Michael Cedars and be repaired. He is 19 now and I can honestly say that his nose is perfect. There is no scar. In addition to doing a great job, he was very nice to both my son and I (and I at least was a little stressed). Dibsy​

i would go for the board certified plastic surgeon over an ENT doctor to do what sounds like reconstructive/plastic surgery. The NET doctors should excuse themselves and refer you to someone whose business is reconstructive surgery, especially if their part (in diagnosing the problem) is taken care of. i'd definitely get a referral from them, or from another doc if they won't give it, for a board certified plastic surgeon! (i have no personal experience w/plastic surgery, but my mom is a board-certified plastic surgeon in so. cal., and i hear her talk about issues like this often..) Jessica

Cleft Lip and Palate

June 2004

Our daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. She will be having her surgery at Kaiser (Oakland). We are in the process of choosing a plastic surgeon - Does anyone know a fantastic surgeon w/lots of experience with this specific type of surgery? We would be willing to travel to a location other than Oakland. Christina

Regarding your daughter's cleft lip and palate, I would recommend Dr. Karin Vargervik, director of the UCSF Center for Craniofacial Anomalies. Dr. Vargervik is one of many in a team of specialists that helps with the physical, as well as the emotional needs of patients with cleft lips/palate. Here is information about Dr. Vargervik and the other specialists.


Oct 2002

I want to have some lipomas (benign fat tumors) removed. My insurance will not cover the procedure, which means that I'm not limited to surgeons who happen to accept my insurance. I've heard that some surgeons use liposuction for this type of surgery in order to minimize the scar. Can anyone recommend a surgeon who's good at removing lumps without leaving big scars?

You want an excellent plastic surgeon, esp. if lipoma is large or in a ''cosmetic'' place--William Hoffman, M.D. and/or Dr. Mathes at UCSF are both superlative. I have seen their work.