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Feb 2009

At 39 years old (!) I need to have my tonsils out due to a build up of scar tissue and recurrent inflammation. I am looking for recommendations for a Dr. in the ''Head and Neck Surgery'' department at Kaiser Oakland. I was sent to a Dr. Byl who seemed fine- I just feel a little uncomfortable having a surgery with a Dr. I spoke with for 5 minutes! So I am looking for feedback on any doctors from this department at Kaiser Oakland. Thanks pam

I was initially referred to Dr. Byl in Head and Neck Surgery, and was very uncomfortable with my experience. (For example, he needed to kneel down on the floor to plug in an appliance, and did not change his gloves, which has touched the floor, before continuing my exam.) When I asked several staff at the office who the best doctor there was, they all agreed on Dr. Barry Rasgon. In my experience, the wait to see him may be long, but his demeanor was much more professional, and I have great confidence in his surgical skills. You would be wise to switch.
June 2004

I'm looking for a recommendation within the Kaiser system (anywhere in Nothern California)and outside Kaiser. We've discovered a hearing loss in one ear of my 3 yr old son and we're not thrilled with the Doc we've got at Kaiser Oakland. We need a second opinion about the next steps to take. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sharon

She's not a Pediatric specialist as far as I know, but you might contact Dr. Irene Yu, MD at Hayward Kaiser's Head and Neck Surgery Department for recommendations. She is a fantastic doctor, I have personal experience with her, as do several people I know. Best of luck with your search. Rachel