Kaiser ENT recommendation for adult

Looking for a recommendation for a Kaiser ENT for a consult related to chronic sinus issues and possible surgery. Ideally would love to find someone at Kaiser Oakland or San Leandro but open to traveling further for someone highly recommended. I’ve searched the archives but am hoping to get some more feedback especially since most of the recs are for pediatric consults and/or aren’t super recent. Feel free to send me a DM if you prefer to not post publicly. 

Parent Replies

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My husband just finished up with treatment for this nasal polyps. He saw Dr. Jonathon Liang at Oakland and was happy with the doctor's care. My husband had the option to try steroids and nasal rinses in lieu of surgery but wasn't very compliant, and ending up having the surgery. I met the physician at bedside for recovery, and also watched one of the surgery follow up visits. Hubby's clear sinuses were evident almost right away because he was no longer nasal and stuffed up sounding. Hubby followed post-surgery instructions to the letter. The surgery itself took place in Richmond. I have nasal polyps myself and if I could somehow manuever myself into his care, I would.