Pediatric ENT at Kaiser for 4 year old tonsillectomy

I am looking for recommendations or insight on the pediatric ENTs at Kaiser. My child needs a tonsillectomy, and we just transferred to Kaiser. We are located in Albany, but I am willing to travel around the bay area to find the best care. Thank you.

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I'm sorry I can't give you a specific name, as our experience was several years ago and I simply don't remember the ENT's name, BUT....My daughter had a tonsillectomy (which also turned into an adenoidectomy) at Kaiser Oakland when she was 5 and I will say that it could not have gone better. We were so worried about the whole thing, but the team there were pros from start to finish. When my now tween daughter remembers it now, she has only good memories (being given a popsicle by the nurse) and absolutely zero negative memories of it - which also speaks highly of how well they performed the procedure. 

I'm an NP at UCSF (full disclosure), and via my pediatric anesthesia and surgical colleagues I know Dr. Luke Schloegel at Kaiser Oakland has a very good reputation and has been around for a long time. I did meet him once at an appt with my toddler who snored, and he was quite thoughtful and measured in his approach, which I appreciated. (We didn't end up doing a sleep study or sleep endoscopy or tonsillectomy.) If my son had needed surgery at the time, I would have felt comfortable proceeding w/ Dr. Schloegel. Hope this helps!

So, no direct experience, except indirectly through . 

We saw Luke Schloegel and were happy with him. Shane Zim ended up performing the surgery when a spot opened up, and we were also happy with him. We initially had been seen by someone else, whose name I cannot remember, and I did not feel as comfortable with him. I don't see the name on Kaiser's website, so I am thinking he isn't there anymore.

My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out at Kaiser Oakland by Dr. Shane Zim when she was 4 (she's 5 now). Dr. Zim was excellent. It's something they all do routinely so I would imagine everyone would be good. I would advise though to ask that the surgeon do the procedure himself/herself. Kaiser Oak is a teaching hospital and even though the student would be watched closely and do a good job I'm sure, I wanted to be sure the pro did the deed on my baby. I made sure to remind them of my preference for this day-of too and I'm glad I did. Procedure was very successful and cured her sleep apnea. Good luck!