Experience with Ear Nose Throat at Kaiser Oakland/Walnut Creek

My husband is recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in a lymph node in his neck.  So far, we have not been particularly impressed with the response and follow-up from the doctor he was assigned to at Kaiser Oakland in the Ear-Nose-Throat, or Head and Neck, Department who is handling this case.  Has anyone had experience they would be willing to share about the doctors in this group?  The four doctors we have to choose from Drs. Seo Moon, Bryan Fong (Walnut Creek), Kevin Wang and Deepak Gurushanthaiah.    We are very interested in a doctor with excellent surgical experience and practice dealing with patients.

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I had a benign tumor in my saliva gland removed by Kevin Wang in 2018 and I was highly impressed. I believe he is the head of the department. I would definitely go in for a consultation with him. Best of luck.