Seeking feedback on Kaiser pediatric ENT - Oakland

My child requires a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and I was given the names of three doctors who may perform the surgery. If your child has undergone this surgery with any of the following doctors, I’d appreciate feedback about your experience.

Dr. Ben Malkin

Dr. Shane Zim

Dr. Luke Schloegel


Parent Replies

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We were very pleased with our interaction with Dr. Schloegel. Our daughter only had a small in-office procedure, but he was thorough in his explanation of our options, thoughtful in his interactions, and technically competent. I should mention that both my husband and I are physicians (I am a resident in general surgery), so we are particularly critical about these things! He has small children of his own, and I think this supports his ability to interact well with other parents. Best wishes for an uneventful operation and recovery!

I have experience with all three doctors with respect to the same procedure.!We initially saw Dr. Malkin. I didn’t feel like he did a great job of communicating the pros and cons of the treatment options. (He may very well be a good surgeon though.) We then got a second opinion from Dr. Schloegel, and I had a lot of confidence in his expertise. Dr. Zim ended up doing the surgery. Everything went great, and I have no complaints about him. (Here’s some unsolicited advice: Stay on schedule with the pain medications, even if it means waking your kid up!)

Dr. Luke Schloegel

Hands down the best!! He did two surgeries for our daughter. He’s kind, patient, very kid friendly and answers all your questions carefully. 

I can’t recommend him highly enough!!