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Children's Ear Nose Throat Doc

Jan 2009

Does anyone have any good, recent recommendations for an ear, nose, throat doctor for a child? This is for a 10 year old girl who had surgery a year ago for fluid build-up. Her ears are worse now and she is being told she needs another surgery. The parents would like to get another opinion. Thank you!

My son had his adenoids removed by Dr. William Lewis in Oakland, and I thought he was an outstanding doctor. He took his time, talked directly to my 11-year-old, and was very warm. The operation went smoothly, and his diagnosis was on target. I highly recommend him. Anon

Dr. Wesman is highly respected ( He has excellent knowledge and is judicious about recommending surgery (or not). He also goes out of his way to be accessible to patients and other referring doctors. His staff are warm and kind and helpful. a pediatrician and parent

Some children may need to have ear tubes placed more than once. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Wesman at Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital RN

i would highly recommend Dr. Robert Wesman at Children's Hospital. He has a private practice 510-428-3456 or in the ENT Clinic (510) 428-3233. Dr. Lewis at Summit ENT is also great! ali the audiologist

Call Dr Wesman at Children's Hospital in Oakland. He is the best! wesman fan

2008 - 2007 Reviews

Pediatric ENT

April 2008

Can anyone recommend a pediatric ENT? Our two year old may need to have his adenoids removed due to sleep problems. Thanks.

Dr. Wesman who works through Children's Hospital in excellent. My son had surgery with him and several of my Gymboree customers have also gone to him. All have been satisfied as far as I know. Judy

We took our two week old to Dr. Robert Wesman at Children's Hospital Oakland for a minor procedure (to clip his frenulum) and had a great experience. He has a website -- I believe he sees patients both through his private practice and in a CHO-affiliated clinic. Good luck. Brooke A.

ENT-Cartwright, Rosen, Lewis

March 2008

I am wondering what experiences folks have had with ENT doctors at Childrens, specifically Drs. Cartwright, Rosen and Lewis. I already know Dr. Wesman is great but he has a long wait list. thanks. mamadoc

I would recommend Lewis and Rosen. I have worked with Lewis professionally more than Rosen. Lewis is a wonderful doctor and surgeon with an excellent bedside manner. East Bay Pediatrician

Having experience with all three ENTs mentioned, I would definitely go to Lewis. You do not state what this if for, however, if it is regarding surgery for tubes, tonsil or adenoidectomy, he is your man. anon

ENT for 7-month-old's chronic sore throat

Feb 2007

Our 7 month-old son has had a sore throat for almost 4 weeks now, and it's not getting better. We'd like to see a specialist to make sure we're not overlooking anything. Has anyone had a good experience with a pediatric ENT? Especially one skilled at difficult diagnosis? We live in Berkeley but are willing to travel to San Francisco, etc, if we need to. Thank you. Sad mom

I highly recommend Dr. Robert Wesman, a pediatric ENT specialist. He's an excellent physician. He practices at Children's Hospital in Oakland. I wonder, however, how you can be certain that your 7 month old, who cannot talk yet, has a sore throat...could it be a feeding problem? Many babies suffer from GI reflux, which can cause chronic irritation of the esophogus; I can also recommend any of the GI specialists at Children's Hospital; they would be quite familiar with this condition. You might also try consulting with another pediatrician for a fresh point of view. Anon

2006 - 2005 Reviews

ENT for ear wax removal for child

Aug 2006

My son has a ear wax clog that needs to be removed and I would like that to be done by a specialist (ear nose and throat). Can anyone recommend a Ear Nose and Throat doctor that can do that? Thanks

Dr. Robertt Wesman at children's hospital. By far, the best. he removed our older son's tonsils. hope you find the right dr. for you

2004 & Earlier

ENT Dr. Lewis for 10-month-old's ear tubes?

Oct 2004

I'm looking for a recommendation for Dr. Lewis, an E.N.T. My 10 month old son will need to have tubes put in his ears due to recurrent infections. We were referred to Dr. William Lewis. Has anyone been a patient of his before and used him to insert the tubes into their child's ear? anon

Hi. My almost three year old has Dr. Lewis as her ENT for the same type of thing. She had tubes put in to correct a hearing loss in June, and had her adenoids cauterized. We were very pleased. His background is fairly impressive (see the website for the practice he is in) to start. He has great bedside manner, very gentle, calm. He was fabulous during the whole surgery with us too, and my daughter. She did really well and wasn't scared at all. He let me take her into the operating theater and lay her down and stay there with her until she was out (even though I was told by someone at the hospital initially that I couldn't; but she wasn't going to go with a stranger, that's for sure!!).

The other thing I liked was that he was willing to listen to me about my concerns regarding adenoid removal. For some reason that not even I am sure of, I wanted to know ahead of time is she was going to have to have the adenoids removed. So we got an xray. Then knowing my concerns, he cauterized them versus pulling them out all the way.

The only bad thing is that the office visits are fairly horrendous. I have had to wait over an hour on several ocassions (with a toddler and five year old!!) and I was NOT happy about that at all. The strategy in dealing with that was to only get appts. first thing in the a.m. I have done that for the follow ups and it has worked pretty well. I have also heard VERY good things about the other docs in the practice, Moyce and Drury. Seems everyone goes to Dr. Wesman (sp?) but these guys are fabulous too. Good luck! Hilary

May 2004

My youngest daughter who is 2.5 yo has a moderate hearing loss due to fluid accumulation in the middle ear. To relieve this, she will by having tubes put in her ears. We have been working with Dr. William Lewis of Summit ENT. I could not find any recommendations on the website, so would like to know if anyone out there has had him and what your thoughts are. We also saw Dr. Drury there once too. Any other thoughts on the other docs there is great too. Thanks. Hilary

I see Dr. Moyce in that practice and I love him. I have had ear problems since I was a baby and I have to see him still as an adult for a periodic tune up of some kind. I have heard that all of the docs in that practice are great. Lisa

You mentioned Bernard Drury in your post--it does not get any better than this superlatively trained otolaryngologist with a fine, refined bedside manner. Besides being brilliant diagnostically, he is brilliantly surgically and is uninclined to do unnecessary surgery. You could not be in better hands. Quality comes at a price, however, the office wait can be loooooooooong. Good luck.