Has Anyone had Parotidectomy Surgery?

Would love to hear from anyone that might have experience with parotidectomy surgery in the Bay Area. I have a likely benign tumor on my right parotid gland and was recommended to have it removed. I have consulted with surgeons at both Sutter Health and UCSF but have reservations about the traditional parotidectomy (mostly the large incision down my face and neck!) and am also conflicted about where to get the surgery done.

If anyone has had a parotidectomy, I would love to hear about your experience and also any recommendations on surgeons. There is a very expensive surgeon down in LA that specializes in a “micro-parotidectomy” which avoids the large incision, so I am also curious if anyone has feedback on Dr. Babak Larian, who specializes in this new procedure.

Any comments appreciated, as I need to make a decision but am very nervous about the surgery. Thank you!

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Hello - I'm sorry I don't have recommendations on surgeons but I did want to offer support and a suggestion. I had this surgery more than 40 years ago (!) at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC.  My tumor was benign, as it appears yours will likely be as well.  The incision is initially intense but I can tell you that 1) your hair will cover any scar on your face, and 2) the scar on your neck with fade over time and yes, there will come a time when no one, including you, will notice it.  A suggestion: ask about any possibility of scar tissue.  I had a second surgery to remove scar tissue at the site (which I originally thought was a new tumor).  All went well, but it's a good question to ask up front, especially in the case of someone doing a new type of procedure.  Good luck -- you'll get through this.