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Re: Pediatrician for child with food allergey (Sept 2003)
Hello! I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Lenior. He has a few offices in Oakland and 1 in Pinole. He's great, and an allergy specialist.

This is from his website, http://www.drlenior.com: I am board certified in Allergy and Clinical Immunology. I served as the Chief of Allergy at San Francisco General Hospital and in the past as the Chief of Allergy at the Children's Hospital in Oakland. I have a special interest in asthma in urban inner cities. He's also a wonderful pediatrician. To make an appointment, call 510-834-4897. Tunisha

December 2002

I want to know if anyone has any experinece with Dr. Michael Lenoir. Thank You. gd

Dr. Lenoir used to be my son's pediatrician (He's 14 now). He also specializes in Allergies. I always found him to be a wonderful, if somewhat preoccupied, doctor. He's so experienced, it always seemed like he could walk in your exam room, sniff the air, and tell you the correct diagnosis within a matter of minutes. I know that he used to run a clinic for underpriviledged kids, was the Head of Pediatrics at SF General, ran a health show on a local community access channel on cable (SoulBeat), and has multiple offices in the east bay. But I always felt that he paid attention to my concerns and gave me good advice. Tunisha

July 2002

I just found out that my 7 months old baby is allergic to many things, which may be the reason for her eczema on her body and the rash on her face. I'm looking for your experience/recommendations with Michael Lenoir (in Pinole).

Dr Michael Lenoir is an allergist and a pediatrician so he could be a good match for your son's eczema problem. I've only seen him once, and I'm not planning to use the prescription he gave me, but I felt comfortable with him and found his staff very helpful. I'm not following his advice not because I doubt his judgement, rather I am encouraged to stay my course with my home treatment knowing I am not overlooking anything. Sienna

September 2001

Re: ears, nose, throat specialist
A wonderful, professional recommendation would be a man by the name of Dr. Michael LeNoir. He is a pedatrician who has been in business for years and you see him on TV alot too! He is located near Summit Hospital. His phone number is 510-834-4897. Nia