Seeking a Pediatrician for Kids with Allergies

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October 2003

I have recently moved to Lafayette and am looking for a Pediatrician in the Lafayette, Moraga or Pleasant Hill area. I would appreciate recommendations. My 2 year old son is having problems with food allergies. I'm looking for a Dr. who will not just be treating symptoms but trying to find the cause of on going problems. Feel free to reply to the list or email me directly. Thank you for sharing :)! Kris

Recommendations received:

  • Dorit Bar-Din East bay Pediatrics
  • Michael Malone Lamorinda Pediatrics
    Sept 2003

    Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician who is knowledgeable about food allergies (and breastfeeding)? I just took my 11 month old to someone who thinks that what I eat doesn't affect my breastfed baby (!!!). And all the conventional pediatricians I've seen only want to prescribe cortizone for his symptoms (eczema). I'm considering a couple of the homeopathic practitioners recommended on this site, so I'd appreciate advice on that as well. I want to get to the cause of his symptoms, which so far I've determined are a strong milk allergy and I'm quite sure soy, egg and wheat allergies, but I want someone who will help me deal with this systematically and who can offer insight and support. Thanks a lot in advance. Jodi

    Recommendations received:

  • Christine Ciavarella (homeopath)
  • Thomas Carlson (Kaiser Oakland)
  • Dr. Duran (Kaiser Oakland Pediatric Gastroentronology)
  • Michael Lenoir Pediatric allergist

    Other advice: I wanted to share that my son's exczema cleared up when Dr. Carlson suggested that I stop eating meat and dairy because of the antibiotics and hormones - his skin was clear within a week! (at 6 months, so eating only breastmilk) Since then, he's had flare-ups the few times I ate meat, so I'm trying to be really diligent. No problems with organic milk/cheese/yogurt, or eggs with no antibiotics/hormones so far. You might want to try it? Good luck! amy

    Good news we were told is that 85% of food allergies are outgrown by the age of 2.