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August 2008

Re: Pediatrician in Lafayette/WC for teen daughters
My daughter (12) wanted to switch from a male to a female doctor, so we saw Julie Herbert at Lamorinda Pediatrics. After her appointment, my daughter wanted to become a pediatrician! Julie is young, hip, and engaged my daughter in discussions about puberty, etc. in a very non-embarrassing manner. Now, we never had any serious issues to discuss with her, but for well-child visits I was very pleased, as was my daughter. Sherry

Oct 2007

Re: Looking for Pediatrician in Lamorinda
Lamorinda Pediatrics is the place to go! We have seen each and every one of the doctors there when our primary pediatrician was unavailable for various reasons (Dr. Robert Shimizu). The other doctors include Drs. Malone, Francis (woman), Anderson (woman) Robbins, and Shimizu and one more young gal who recently joined their practice. They are located on Dewing Avenue - around the block from Trader Joe's. We LOVE Lamorinda Pediatrics because they offer (Monday-Friday) a clinic (no appointment needed) from 8am-8:45 before they open for children who have an accute illness - earache, fever, vomiting, etc. We have used this service many times! Also, they are open on Saturdays 9am-12:00pm by appointment only. We have called the on-call doctors at ungodly hours of the night and have never been made to feel badly for this! They truly care about the kids they see! I can't speak highly enough of this practice. We LOVE Dr. Shimizu but he has recently cut down his hours. The ot! her doctors are all fabulous! 925-284-1800. Good luck! Kristin

Jan 2006

I am looking for recommendations for pediatricians belonging to Lamorinda Pediatrics, Bayside Pediatrics, or Walnut Creek Pediatrics. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations and/or concerned feedback about doctors that you are familiar with. Thank you! Andrea

Dr. Shimizu at LaMorinda Ped's in Lafayette came highly recommended to me and I have to say, we just LOVE him! He is so supportive to parents and awesome with kids. I can not say enough about him. Sadly, we've recently had to leave him due to a rise in COBRA costs and being forced to Kaiser. I still am brought to tears thinking about it.......

We take our kids to Michael Malone at Lamorinda Pediatrics. I think he is great! He is accomodating to my questions when the children are sick - our kids have asthma so he has been dealing with that with us. Also he is ready with parenting advice when i need it. He has 5 of his own kids so he definitely speaks from experience there. We have seen most of the other doctors at LaMorinda during their walk-in clinics or for emergency appointments and I have thought they all have given good advice, accurate diagnoses and gentle care to our children. Jennifer

My kids see Dr. Michael Malone at Lamorinda Pediatrics. I've been very happy with their care at Lamorinda Peds, although I have to say that they haven't been seen all that much lately -- pretty much only for well-child visits. In the past they've seen several other docs there for sick visits when Dr. Malone was booked and I was happy with all of them. Erin

Several moms in my playgroup have had wonderful things to say about Lamorinda Pediatrics, specifically Jenny Anderson. She recently had a child and can relate first hand to the needs of the little ones (and the parents too)! If I wasn't already happy with our pediatrician (Dorit Bar Din of East Bay Pediatrics), she is who we would go to. east bay mom

I can't say enough wonderful things about our pediatrician, Daniel Robbins at Lamorinda Pediatrics. He is very clinically sharp, current on research, thoughtful, respectful, and incredibly caring. He always calls us back when we call, went out of his way to see our premature twins first thing in the morning or just before lunch when he would have more time to spend with us and when they would be less likely to be exposed to other children's illnesses, and has been fabulous in following up on our boys' special needs. He is neither alarmist nor non-challant about issues. He is incredibly respectful of parents' choices and innate wisdom about their own children. You and your children would be lucky to get him as your pediatrician! (The office staff there is also quite nice.) alesia

Oct 2003

Re: Pediatrician in Lamorinda for child with allergies
I take my children to Dr. Michael Malone at LaMorinda Pediatrics and we love him. We have been impressed with how he quickly diagnosed a minor congenital abnormality the day our daughter was born as well as the follow-up. Our daughter also has Reactive Airway Disease and we have been pleased with the care that he has given us as well as the care that we have received from the other doctors in the practice. One Sunday Dr. Malone was on call and met us at his office for an emergency check-up even though the office was closed! I have not had to deal with any illnesses that require the kind of issues your son is having but I would recommend at least interviewing Dr. Malone. He is great. LaMorinda Pediatric's phone number is 925-284-1800. Jennifer