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Advice about kids playing soccer

Nov 1999

I'd love to hear from parents who's kids have participated in this sports. The pros, the cons. Did it take up all of your free time. Was it very competitive. What benefits did your children receive from it. How do we find out which league our kids we be in. What ages are appropriate, when do kids begin and for how long do they play? Do kids from other/private schools compete locally with kids from local public schools. Clearly, I need lots of advice.

While my kids are still far to young to tell you anything from a parents point of view, I can tell you that I played AYSO soccer from age 6 to age 16 and really enjoyed it. I was never a great player or a great athlete in general, but this was a fun way to go out and get some good exercise a few times a week, to make new friends, learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, and of course learn some new skills. While it didn't have a major impact on my life now, it was a really positive experience and it really showed me how much fun sports can be without being super competitive. I plan to have my daughters at least try soccer when they are older, and hopefully some sport will catch each one's fancy! Michael

Oakland Tot Soccer

May 2008

I am thinking of signing my 2.5 year old up for the Tot Soccer offered thru the Oakland parks & recs. We didn't have much luck at the little kickers program in Alameda. My son is really focused on the ball and wasn't too interested in the other games they play (not many games with the balls). What was your experience with the class? I'm not sure if he's too young, he doesn't follow directions well yet. Soccer Mom

My kids had the best time doing tot soccer and tumbling at Dimond. Birrel Nicholson is a wonderful teacher. His focus is on having fun and following directions. The kids get lots of fun outdoor time, incidentally learn some skills and make a lifelong friend in Birrel. Jan L

Piedmont Soccer

Re: Sunday Soccer for 7 year old girl (May 2007)
Check out Piedmont soccer. I believe the program is coed below the age of 8. I understand that they will be offering a Sunday game schedule in the fall, to accommodate Jewish children that cannot participate in games on Saturday mornings and others like you for whom Saturday morning games do not work. Susan

City of Albany

March 1999

To the person that was interested in Soccer for their 5 yr. old. The city of Albany runs a soccer program on Sundays for this age group. There are 2 sessions that run for 6 weeks each. You can pick up a signup sheet at the Albany Community Center on Marin at Masonic in Albany. Our daughter will try it for the first time in the May session so I can't say how it is yet.

California Youth Soccer Association

From: Glenn (12/98)

There's a California Youth Soccer Association, Inc., that I know of. Mr. Lynn Holland is 2nd Vice Chairman, Coach & Player Development, he could steer you in the right direction depending upon where you live etc... His telephone in Pleasant Hill, CA is (925) 372-9464, he gave me permisison to give this #. Good luck!

El Cerrito Soccer Club

Christina (11/99)
Another league is the El Cerrito Soccer Club, listed in the business section of the white pages. I would second all the recommendations made by other parents -- good exercise, good for girls to do something that makes them feel tough and part of a team, good to have friends from outside school. My daughter is not a star player, but she has learned a lot (she's been playing two years) and it has given her a lot of physical confidence I don't think she would have gotten anywhere else. It's great to pick her up from practice all muddy, and with a red face from running around. It does eat up a lot of your life, but if you can carpool, it's not so bad --

Jack London Soccer League

Re: Weekend Soccer club for 5-6 year olds (April 2004)
The Jack London Soccer League might work for you; as Alameda residents, we sometimes competed with them, and they definitely had weekend games. Sorry I don't have more info, but try their website: Good luck! Nils

Goal Mexico

April 2010

I wanted to recommend Phil Scicluna's Goal Mexico football club soccer camps. We just participated in his spring break camp at the Gilman (near the highway) soccer fields. Coach Phil is the Berkeley High varsity men's soccer soach. he also offers soccer clinics and through soccer camps. I have two sons, ages 9 and 7. They both tremendously enjoyed the camp and learned a lot of new skills. Most days there was another coach present. The kids got a lot of individualized attention. Phil and his team have a great way with kids and know their stuff. My older son gets frustrated with himself easily. Coach Phil was attentive toward him and helped him develop resilience during the week. My younger son is a big soccer fan and didn't want the camp to end. We will definitely sign up for another one his camps. Irene

Norm Freidman

June 2001

Re: Soccer for little kids
Soccer League - Norm Friedman has a wkd soccer program in Albany, you can track him down through the Albany Library or Community Center. Heather

I think you are referring to a soccer league run by Norm Freidman. They meet every Sunday at noon. You could call him on (510) 5598208 for a brochure or show up twenty minutes earlier and sign up. Tikva

University Village in Albany

July 2001

There are still spaces available for teens ages 13-17 in the Pacific Soccer Training Camp coached by Teale Matteson, August 20-24 from 1-4 pm. The cost for this camp is $125 for the week. For more information call University Village Recreation at 510-524-4926 or email: uvrec at

From: Eric (12/98)

Try the University Village in Albany Recreation Program. It runs soccer classes for young children at very reasonable prices. The classes are kid friendly and fun.