Mini-Hawks Sports Camp

Piedmont, Lamorinda
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May 2009

If you've sent your child to Mini-Hawks multi-sport camp (baseball, soccer, and basketball for 4-to-6-year-olds) in Albany, I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

My son did minihawks for two summers - once in Piedmont and once in Albany. He had a great time both summers, came home with his own kid size basketball and a t-shirt. His sports skills improved and he had fun. The counselors were great tho there didn't seem to me to be much hand holding for the youngest campers, so if your child needs a lot of 1:1 nurturing it might not be the right fit. But it worked for us and we loved it. happy Minihawks mom

We sent our then 5-year-old to mini hawks, to sort of get him acquainted with the sports associated with the program (soccer, baseball, basketball). Prior to that, he played somewhat organized baseball and basketball, but not really soccer.

The biggest pro for us and him, was that it gave him a taste of soccer, and he immediately expressed interest in the game, so we are just finishing up the Spring soccer season. He had a ball!

The biggest con for us and him, was they used thsee Little Tykes plastic basketball nets, which were a downgrade from his previous basketball experience. And they used these mini basketballs, as well. So we were disappointed with that, as he really loved the basketball program he was previously in, which used women's size basketballs, and real but lowered nets, and the court was the width, rather than the length of a real basketball court.

Overall, it was a good experience for him. This year, we're focusing more on individual sport skills. I think if you just go into it, with the attitude that it will give your child a small taste of the sport, it's a good thing. good luck. sports mom