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  • Summer soccer camps for 9 and 12 yos

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    I am looking for a fairly inexpensive (ideally $300 or less per child) week-long tennis or soccer camp in or around Berkeley for my boys aged 9 and 12. They are enthusiastic but definitely not strong players, so I am looking for something fun, not competitive. Do any of the local churches or other similar non-profit organizations offer something like this? TIA!

    Soccer2gether is a nice soccer camp that my kids have done for years! It's super low-key, fun, and Nitzan (coach) is remarkably adept with both the ball and the kids. It's about $300, has half-day and full-day, and I think also pre- and after-care options. 

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14 year old boy needs summer soccer

March 2009

My 14 year old son has no camp plans yet for this summer (he will be gone on a concert tour from June 18-29). He would really like to do a soccer camp. Though he hasn't been on a team for years he still loves it. Do they have soccer camps for 14 year olds that aren't already on a team? We would also possibly like to get him on a team next fall as he has no P.E. in his freshman year at B.H.S. All ideas would be appreciated! Thanks

I can enthusiastically recommend the summer soccer camps at UC Berkeley . Type Cal Bears in Google and there should be a link to the summer camps. Our 14-year-old daughter went to day camps for 2 years and then the residential camp for 1 week last year. She got to stay in the dorms with the Cal Women's Soccer Team! I don't have any firsthand experience with the boys' program but based on our experience with the girls', your son will love these opportunities. Nancy

Soccer camp for a 10 year old girl

March 2008

Does anyone have suggestions for a soccer camp for a 10 year old girl who has not been on a soccer team? sara

Try footfire soccer held at Codornices Park on Euclid Ave in Berkeley. It runs the first several weeks of the summer. You can sign up for 1 week or more. They provide lunches and snacks. The folks who run the show are great. My girls love the place. Here is the web site: Soccer Mom

Summer soccer camp for 7 yo boy

Feb 2007

My son has played on the ABSC league the past two seasons and would like to go to a soccer based summer day camp. We usually do camp for just two weeks per summer. He is an enthusiastic player with good skills but is not extremely competitive. Any suggestions on where he is likely to have a good time while continuing to practice his skills? His complaint about a previous camp (that had soccer along with other sports) is that it was a lot of instruction but not much playing. Thanks Becoming a soccer mom

You could check out Footfire . It is held at codornices park (on the softball field). It is ususally held in the beginning of the summer. They provide snacks and lunch in the price. Probably not a good choice for kids with nut allergies at peanut butter is served. The couple who runs the camp are great. And, yes, they do have aftercare (yay!) which is the thing that makes a day coamp possible for those of us who work full days and/or work in SF. Mom

One-week soccer camp for 6-year-old

Feb 2006

We are looking for a one-week camp program to fill a gap in our son's summer camp schedule. He loves sports, including soccer. Can anyone provide recommendations regarding either or both the Soccer Camp run through UC Berkeley Cal Bears (not Strawberry Canyon) and/or Footfire soccer camp? Both sound good, but the fact that Footfire goes most of the day with an extended care option is a real plus. Thanks. Curious Soccer Player Parent


  • Footfire Soccer Camp (2 reviews)

    Non-competitive soccer camp for 6-year-old

    April 2004

    I'm looking for a fun, non-competitive, summer camp for my 6 years' old daughter. She's never played soccer before and wants to learn how to play. I want her to have fun as she learns... Any suggestions??? searching


  • British Soccer Camps & Skyhawks Soccer

    Soccer camp for 14-yr old girl

    March 2004

    My 14-yr old girl has a couple of empty weeks right at the beginning of her summer vacation, and has expressed interest in soccer camp. She did do a soccer camp a few years ago, and it was nothing but soccer all day long, which was a little bit too much (although as she has gotten her skills up and matured, maybe this would be OK now). Can people guide me to the right place for this, recreational soccer camp for teen girl? Previous postings are from years ago, and seem to be geared for the under 13 set. Thanks for any ideas. Recommended:

  • British Soccer Camps & Skyhawks Soccer

    Soccer camp for 7-year-old girl

    April 2003

    Can anyone give me feedback on the Cal Strawberry Canyon Girls Soccer Camps? Can you recommend a girls soccer team/club in the El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley areas for a 7 year old girl? Mary


  • Albany Berkeley Soccer Club
  • Rockridge Soccer Club

    British Soccer Camps & Skyhawks Soccer

    Re: Non-competitive soccer camp for 6-year-old (April 2004)
    The Skyhawks Soccer or British Soccer Summer Camps are both great choices. Skyhawks is probably the best for totally non- competitive-British Soccer may play more games during the camp. Both of the camps offer wonderful instruction from the camp staff. I speak from experience, I know both organizations very well. Albany is offering both camps this summer. The number over at the Recreation Dept is 524-9283. Chelle
    Re: skyhawks sports academy (April 2004)
    The Skyhawks Soccer or British Soccer Summer Camps are both great choices. Skyhawks camps have been around for a long time and they put their coaches through a fantastic trainning program that emphasizes safety, positive reinforcement, and how the learning process works. They have developed a wonderful manual and camp plan that the coaches follow.

    British Soccer Camps are awesome! The coaches are brought in from Europe and stay with host families in the area. They are licensed coaches and have an enthusiastic teaching appraoch the kids really get into. Its a great experience for kids really wanting to learn soccer and have fun. Very positive! They also offer a parents/coaches clinic on the Wednesday night of the camp where parents and coaches get out and learn from the instructors. I have attendend this clinic and I thought it was fantastic! Do not miss it (Moms and Dads!).

    At both camps, players receive a ball and t-shirt too!!! Albany is offering all of these camps this summer. Their number is 524-9283. Chelle

    Re: Soccer camp for teen (March 2004)
    The City of Albany has included their summer camp info in their spring brochure. The British Soccer Camp is wonderful. I have a child attend when I lived in Atlanta. All of the coaches are from Europe and are licensed soccer coaches. They have a fantastic teaching progression and are wonderful with the kids. The Albany Camp is July 26-30. Half and full day available. cputzer AT for a flier. Chelle

    Jack Hyde Soccer Camp

    March 2005

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Jack Hyde Soccer Camp. I'm considering sending my 5 year old son to at least one and possibly all three sessions this summer. I know they generally accept children from 6 and up, but I spoke with Jack at the summer camp fair, and he said he'd be willing if I thought that my son would be able to keep up with the 6 year olds. I'm not concerned with him keeping up physically (he's very physical and coordinated). I'm just wondering, in general, what people have thought of the staff, and the program etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Nancy

    Jack Hyde Soccer camp is great - my nine-year-old daughter attended last year and loved it. The counselors are good, and it's well-organized. HOWEVER ... it's a long, hot, windy day spent entirely outside. I am sending my six-year-old son this summer, but am hesitant, since we need before and after care during the workday. I suspect the youngest kids get really exhausted, not necessarily from the soccer, but from the exposure. I think the amount of time your son would be there (half day or all day?) is an important consideration. Been there

    Tahuichi soccer camp

    May 2001

    Has anyone sent their son or daughter to the summer program at Tahuichi soccer camp in Bolivia? I am considering sending my 13 year old son this summer, and would like to hear from anyone with first-hand experience. Does anyone have a son who is interested in going? Lauren

    Both my son's went to Tahuichi. In terms of soccer training, mental stamina, etc, the program was wonderful. Both my kids are serious soccer players and it provided an experience where they each connected to their own internal motivator. As a group those kids are tested to the limit and for the most part, they thrive. It's tough, especially the first week of solid conditioning. Both kids found living in Santa Cruz to be quite an education about poverty. The family my second son lived with was a cross-cultural nightmare and he was pretty lonely. He was with 6 American kids and the mother in the house was angry because my son choked at the dinner table and some of his food fell from his mouth onto his plate. It was something akin, to her, to puking on the table. There was no repairing this, apparently. So it was pretty rough for him after that. He came back nearly fluent in Spanish, confident in his soccer skills and his ability to push himself physically and mentally, much more savvy about how cross cultural misunderstanding creates grave rifts between people, and really glad to live with us!! There are lots of Tahuichi alums here in Berkeley who'd be glad to talk. I'm happy to correspond. Winfred