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Fun soccer program for ages 3-12. Develop motorskills, soccer and life skills. Meet cool people and make friends for years to come. Classes and camps are available throughout the year. Relaxed and safe environment. Visit

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RE: Soccer for 4 year olds? ()

We have used soccertogether and it's great for little ones to learn to follow direction. Under 5 though, not  a lot of actual 'soccer' happening!

RE: Soccer for 4 year olds? ()

Soccer2together ( is a wonderful program. The coach is kind and supportive and makes it fun for the little ones. The spring session is nearly over, but you can get on the email list for this fall.

I recommend Soccer2Gether... Nitzan is a gentle soul, the perfect coach for beginners on up. 

My nine year old really enjoys soccer2gether, which meets in Berkeley. Emphasis is on teamwork and having fun. 

My daughter did Soccer2gether with Coach Nitzan several years ago. She didn’t really take to soccer (not because of the class at all) but Coach Nitzan was so great with the kids. He made it really fun and accessible and I plan to start his class with my littler  one soon. 

My 4.5-year-old son loves Friday afternoon soccer practice. Coach Nitzan (or "Coachie") really makes the practice fun and somehow the kiddos still seem to learn some skills. My son spontaneously told me as we were walking to practice one day, "Mom, my favorite part about last week was learning the drop-n-trap." The atmosphere is friendly and Coach Nitzan meets the kids where they are at, and gently brings them into the main action. So, we keep signing up! Highly recommended. 

Soccer2gether is a nice soccer camp that my kids have done for years! It's super low-key, fun, and Nitzan (coach) is remarkably adept with both the ball and the kids. It's about $300, has half-day and full-day, and I think also pre- and after-care options. 

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July 2014

RE: Recreational Soccer for First Grader in El Cerrito

I'd like to recommend Nitzan's soccer program in Berkeley, soccer2gether. Nitzan is great with the kids and his program is low key (once a week) and affordable. Check out his website: Berkeley Mom

June 2014

RE: Looking for affordable tot soccer summer class

We're big fans of Coach Nitzan Yerovam and his Soccer 2gether classes! Nitzan has wonderful patience and rapport with all kids including those in our son's 3-4 year olds class. He is extremely supportive and encouraging, and he creates a fun environment that engages the tots/preschoolers and takes the opportunity to demonstrate and role play teamwork. Our son is not a very physical kid, but he's thriving in Nitzan's class and is excited to go every week. Who wouldn't want to pretend they're pirates, dolphins in the water, or play-eating ice cream cones of soccer balls on cones to work on balance? The community of families is wonderful and we plan to continue in the fall (we have a busy summer school and travel schedule). Nitzan has summer sessions for mixed ages (kids and siblings continue with him) and it's a great deal! I think he's also trying to gauge interest for a class of only 3-4 year-olds on Mondays. You should definitely contact him if you're interested. Here's his website  Enjoy! Wendy