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Soccer Team for Hobbling, Old 40-something Mom

Feb 2014

Does anyone know of a team, league, or pick up game for an old 40-something old mom who is a bit out of shape and has had various knee and joint issues? Looking for something light and easy where I can get a little exercise, but not be embarrassed about having to slow up my speed on the field due to pain from previous joint issues. Mom wants to play too

Check out the Golden Gate women's Soccer League over 35. it's a league made up of 9 or 10 teams that lay at Gilman fields, SF and sometimes Marin. All levels of play! Caliente, based in Berkeley is looking for committed players. A lawrence

East bay soccer for an out-of-shape mommy?

Aug 2012

I'm a 38 year-old mom looking for a fun, not-too-competitive soccer league or regular pickup game to join in Oakland/Berkeley. I played soccer quite seriously from age 6 to age 30, then quit because of back problems, then had two babies (the last one only 4 months ago, via c-section). I want to start playing again, but I am seriously out of shape (and feel weirdly off-balance since the c-section), so I'd like to find a very low-key rec league or ongoing pickup game to join. Either women only or co-ed -- doesn't matter which. The only thing that matters is that the atmosphere be welcoming and fun rather than competitive. Any suggestions? Missing my game!

Check out the Women's Soccer Pickup group on We play every Monday at Cedar/Rose Park at 7:00 PM. All levels are welcome, non-competitive, friendly women many of whom play on Golden Gate teams so they are very good. I'm not that good and older, but everyone is very encouraging. Occassionally there are other pickups posted on the group site. Soccer granny

Soccer for a beginning adult?

June 2009

I've been kicking a soccer ball around with my kids lately and am finding it very satisfying. I never played soccer when I was young so I have no idea what I'm doing, but it seems like fun. Are there classes or teams for grown-ups who've never played before? I'd love to give it a try. Ready to play

You don't mention whether you are male or female, but if you are female then check out the Golden Gate Womens' Soccer League website at They have every level of team available and if you contact them, they will help you. There are teams based in the east bay (but mostly SF) and the games are played all over the bay area. The site occasionally has postings for beginner's clinics, etc.

Also, Toby Rappoult (I think that's how his last name is spelled) of Sunset Soccer (a soccer store in the city and Marin) often runs beginner's clinics and seems to have his finger on the pulse of soccer in the bay area. They have a website as well.

If you are male, Sunset Soccer is still probably a good lead. Otherwise, I don't know much about men's soccer.

Good luck! It's never too late to start. It's a great sport! Mia Hamm wannabe

The Golden Gate Women's Soccer League (GGWSL) has teams all around the Bay. There is an open league and an over 35 year old league. Some of the teams accept beginner players and it is a good way to get started. The league only runs in the Fall and Winter. The games are usually either in Berkeley or SF. Let me know if you are interested and I can get you in contact with the right person. Mandy

I started to play soccer in a free sunday clinic on San Pablo Park in November, with a wonderful and excellent coach. I am 40 and never play in my life before, Linda, my coach is a great person and has been helping me to learn soccer. She is such a giving person, she does this clinics for free. Now I joined a soccer team in Marin, thanks to her. She welcome anybody, at any time. Please look for us, Sundays mornings at 9 to 10:30, in San Pablo Park in Berkeley.

If you are a man over 30 or a woman over 21, check out EBOTS(East Bay Over Thirty Soccer). membership [at] EBOTS fan

Evening womens or mixed soccer in Berkeley?

June 2009

I'm looking for a womens or mixed sport team, preferebly soccer or futsal, but anything i can join one night a week to give me some fitness and time away from the kids. I'd like something in Berkeley or nearby. I want something for over the summer. Any suggestions? Libby

There are a few regular weeknight pick-up soccer games around Berkeley in various city parks. Adults of all ages. Predominantly guys, but a few women show up regularly. I normally show up on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Ohlone Park, Hearst and MLK (depending on field conditions or number of players this group will sometimes expand to or move to a field further west along Hearst) or Saturday afternoons at 1:30.

Other soccer games occur at San Pablo Park on Mondays and/or Wednesdays, I think. Also at Hearst Field on the UCB campus on Saturday mornings at 11 (that crowd has a fairly even proportion of women to men).

Level of play in the mixed groups tends to be brisk but cordial. Email me for more details. Btw, my coed recreational Albany-Berkeley league soccer team is always looking for women players. Let me know if you, or any women you know, are interested in league games that play in the fall and spring on Sunday afternoons. Charles

Co-ed Adult Soccer Games?

Jan 2009

I am wondering about pick-up or organized co-ed adult soccer games. I am interested in fun and somewhat casual, (not super competitive) play, hopefully in Berkeley area. Rebecca

I play in a co-ed adult soccer league called East Bay Over Thirty Soccer ( ). The play is organized and full field with goalies but there are no referees and the focus is on fun not competition. We play Saturdays, usually in the 10-2:30 time frame. There is also a pickup game at Mosswood Park in Oakland (Macarthur and Broadway) on Thursdays starting around 6:30 but this is a bit more competitive. Brendan

I just received a message from Albany-Berkeley Soccer Club about adult pick-up games for coaches and parents, which I have already discarded. Check out their website to see if you can find a contact person. Soccer mom, not player

Check out for more organized games. Finding good pick-up games is a trick - generally you have to know someone who is playing to find out about them. ABSC Soccer has a ''coaches'' game which is now being opened up to the parents of ABSC Players - jane

Looking for someone to train with

Jan 2009

Hi. I am a SAHM and work outside the home.. AND I am also a soccer player. I am needing to work on some of my fitness (Speed--bit of muscle) and my ball skills--which I just need consistency and practice with. I am open to anything but would love some assistance... Our team has moved up a division and I need to be a bit faster and more on the ball! Suggestions? Help?! I really want to be successful at this!!!

Try Roberto Rivera at 510 384-2842. He's a great coach, patient and kind.

Adult League in berkeley or Oakland?

Sept 2003

Hello. My boyfriend is a soccer player - He would love to play/practice on a regular basis. He was playing in San Francisco before we moved - it's just too far for his schedule now. He's a good player - great attitude - his SF team still calls him for tournaments, etc. I would love to surprise him with some research. Does anyone know of a league or a casual game here in Berkeley or Oakland? Thanks! Megan

I used to live on Lake Merrit and I noticed that at the end of the park by the Little Embarcadero Library and playground (across from the gym) there seemed to be a daily pick-up game at about 11:30 am. They all looked like they knew what they were doing, but were pretty casual about it. It was fun to watch them play too. Steph

Try this web link put together by a local soccer guy. It gives a lot of options for playing soccer. Or go on a Sunday morning to King field on Hopkins st in Berkeley or Catalfo/Fielding fields at Harrison and 5th St Berkeley and ask the people who are playing there how to get involved. Also the Bladium is an indoor soccer facility in Oakland which has leagues year round Lynn

My husband is involved with an over-30 CO-ED soccer group and it's great! Practice is Thurs. nights at 630p at Piedmond HS. Games on Sundays --time of games tbd for this season--

Adult Coed Soccer

Feb 2003

I am looking for an adult coed soccer league in Berkeley or surrounding areas to join. Are there any out there? Kathryn

There is an adult co-ed soccer league in Pinole on Sundays at Pinole Valley Park on Pinole Valley Road. I don't have a contact number but I sometimes see ads for players especially females in the What's happening column in the sports section of the West County Times. sroach