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Reviews of RATS summer camp in Berkeley?

May 2016

I found out by word of mouth about RATS camp (ratsports.org) from a neighbor whose son went years ago, but when I check BPN reviews there's only one there and it's from 2011. Does anyone have any feedback from a more recent experience? Looks like it could be great for my sports-crazy 8-year old. Molly H

We *love* RATS camp! It's very low-key, lots of different ages playing together, both traditional sports and less well-known games; there's a freedom to it that's really lovely-- not regimented or overly-scheduled or maniacally rah-rah-rah. Coach Don is incredible, and he brings in high schoolers as assistants, and they do an amazing job. It's really just about playing, and community. It has a hanging-out feel, too-- plenty of activities and participation, but just also really relaxed.
RATS fan

RATS, Recreational and Team Sports (www.ratsports.org) is a great camp for kids who love the team sports and games they play during recess. It's essentially all-day recess with team sports, organized by Coach Don and his counselors, and board games to play during down time. Kids look forward to a weekly Jeopardy game and Olympic competitions in its last week.

Coach Don (a WA Elementary School living legend beloved by parents, kids, and teachers alike) promotes good behavior, athletic skills, and the fun (vs stress) of competition. Kids entering 3rd through 8th grade play together. Many kids return year after year and then go on to become CIT's. Both my son and daughter have loved RATS; my son in particular is hooked on RATS and fully intends to become a CIT after 8th grade.

I enjoy the flexibility the camp affords, the sense of community kids and parents experience, and having Coach Don Arreola-Burl's presence brighten my summer days.

Berkeley Parent

March 2011

Re: Summer Camp for visiting low-income 12yo nephew
My son attended RATS a few summers ago and had a good time. The director is great and has many years experience working with kids. It's extremely reasonably priced ($175 a week 8-5:30!) and they offer financial aid if you need it. Kids play different sports all day and come home tired. Here's some of their posting from last weeks newsletter in case you missed it. Please check them out