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Located in Graeagle & Saratoga, CA

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June 2012

Re: Soccer Camp (Sleepaway) for Teen

Jan 2011

My daughters (ages 10 and 12 this summer) are interested in Two Rivers soccer camp. Would love to hear about how your kid liked it. How is the quality of instruction for a very strong player? How about for an average player? How were the non-soccer activities? summer planning already

Hi - our kids (now 10 and 12) have attended Two Rivers the last 2 summers and LOVED it. They are begging to go back again this summer as well. Our 10 year old went with 2 friends the first summer and with 8 girls from her soccer team the 2nd. This was her first sleep-away camp experience and she was homesick for a couple of days but when we picked her up she said it was the best camp she'd been to ever and she'd had sooooo much fun! Our older son also went with friends both years and absolutely loved it. I think going with friends is key - especially teammates.

Our son has done the 5 hours of training/day while our daughter did 3/day. Both kids play for Bay Oaks here and their soccer definitely improved - they drill a lot with a big focus on foot-skills. I think it's excellent for both rec-level and class-1 kids. Everyone improves and there are kids at all levels. Our son was better than most of the boys his age so he drilled with the older kids for the soccer training and then did the other activities with his age group.

The non-soccer activities are great as well - playing in the river, building forts in the woods using all the fallen sticks and branches, and they work on a cabin-skit to present the last night of camp.

The trainers and counselors are from all over the world and are great both as soccer trainers and generally taking care of the kids. So needless to say we recommend it highly! And wait until you see the facilities - you'll wish you could stay and go to camp there too!

My two kids, 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son, have been attending Two Rivers since 2008. They love it and are looking forward to their fourth year this summer. The staff is first-rate and very international. There are A-level coaches from England who have been coaching at the camp for many years, as well as younger folks from a variety of other places. The kids are split up into training groups and work with the same coaches and other kids throughout the week. There are kids of varying skill levels at the camp and I think the instruction is great for all of them. My kids have found the non-soccer activities to be fun. The days are very scheduled, with pretty much no ''free'' time, but this hasn't bothered them. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to hear more about it. Lucy

April 2006

I'm considering sending my almost-13 year old son to Two Rivers Soccer Camp this summer. But before I do so, I'd like to have more information about it. Has anyone out there had experience with the camp? How was it? Kim

Does anyone have experience with this camp? My 11-year old daughter really wants to go. Marcia

My daughter attended 2 Rivers Soccer Camp for 3 summers ages:11-13 and loved it. The coaches were great, mostly British, some South American, very accomplished and excellent with kids. The female counselors in the cabins were also mostly British and were very attentive and responsible. The camp setting is beautiful, but can get very warm in the summer, so your child has to be ok with playing soccer in the extreme heat. My daughter always attended with one friend, some kids come alone and some with their entire team. All in all, it was a very positive experience and you will feel very comfortable leaving your child there! michelle