Policies for Announcements & Events


Who can post announcements or events?

Only BPN Community Subscribers who have a profile page* on BPN can post announcements and events. Community subscribers are local schools, childcare providers, camps, classes, and child-related businesses & organizations that support BPN by purchasing a yearly subscription in exchange for publicizing their programs on BPN. These fees allow BPN to remain a not-for-profit, advertising-free resource for the entire community, and to continue to offer free subscriptions to parents.  For information about how to subscribe, see About BPN Community Subscribers.

* There are some exceptions. See Posting Announcements Without a Profile Page

What types of postings are accepted in Announcements & Events?


The Announcements listing is for general announcements about ongoing activities and services specifically for parents, children, or families. BPN doesn't accept announcements about other types of services or activities.

  1. Summer & Holiday Camps
    • All types of summer camps and camps for school holidays
    • Examples: day camps, sleepaway camps, travel opportunities for teens

  2. Kids' Classes, Groups, Teams & Tutors
    • In-person classes only (online classes & lessons are not accepted)
    • Examples: music classes, sports teams, choruses, social skills groups, college advisors, math tutors

  3. Parent Classes, Workshops & Groups
    • Workshops, classes, support groups, lectures, presentations for parents
    • Must be specifically for parents, moms, or dads
    • In-person only; online classes, coaching, and advising are not accepted

  4. Services for Parents, Families & Children
    • Services that you offer specifically for parents or children that are not classes, camps, schools, etc.
    • Examples: therapists, doulas, midwives, medical services, legal & financial services

  5. Preschools & Daycares with Current Openings
    • Daycares, preschools, and childcare centers with immediate openings.  (Note upcoming admissions events such as tours and informational sessions should be posted as Events - see below.)

  6. K-12 Schools with Current Openings
    • K-12 schools  with immediate openings.  (Note upcoming admissions events such as tours and informational sessions should be posted as Events - see below.)

  7. Researchers & Authors Seeking Parents/Kids
    • See Research Queries on BPN for more information about who can post research queries
    • Examples: university researchers, public media, magazine articles, focus groups, marketing surveys

    • Community subscribers can post about jobs that are available at their school, camp, organization, or childcare facility.  Note: BPN does not accept job offers about multi-level marketing opportunities or job announcements from recruiters.
    • Nonprofits can post volunteer opportunities for kids, teens, and parents.


Your event will appear on the BPN website as soon as it is approved, and it will be included in the weekly Announcements newsletter the week before the event date. There are two types of events that we accept:

  1. Kid-Friendly Events & Outings
    • One-time events for kids or families (not ongoing events such as classes)
    • Events must be open to the public (not members only)
    • Examples: festivals, concerts, performances, street fairs, school fairs

  2. Info Sessions/Tours/Open Houses (for schools, preschools, camps, classes)
    • Events for parents to learn about your school, camps, class, etc. (Current openings at your school should instead be posted to Announcements.)
    • Examples: tour dates, open houses, informational presentations about your school, preschool, camp, or classes

What types of postings are NOT accepted? 

BPN does not accept the following types of events or announcements:

  1. Adult-targeted announcements & events that are not specifically for adults who are parents or parents-to-be. Prohibited events include fundraisers, gallery openings, and political rallies.  Note: "kid-friendly" events and performances are accepted.

  2. Services, programs, or activities that do not specifically target children, parents, or families such as rental agencies, restaurants, housekeepers, contractors, and similar. Note: "kid-friendly" events and performances are accepted.

  3. Political calls to action such as "Call your school board member about this important topic!"  are beyond the scope of BPN. There are many other online resources where you can participate in discussions like this.

  4. Members-only events and classes that are available only to your members or to your school community.

  5. Online events such as webinars or online tutoring, advising, or instruction. All events must be in-person events. 

  6. Posting on behalf of some other person or organization. Postings must describe services offered by the person who subscribed. 

How often can I post?

When you subscribe to BPN, your subscription lasts for one year, during which time you can post as many times as you like, as long as your posts are within the following guidelines:  

  • Announcements remain published on the website for 30 days.  Up to three announcements can be published at the same time from the same subscriber as long as each one is about a different program or activity.  For example, you can submit posts about your summer camp and your fall classes at the same time. If you want to post about more than three classes, combine them into one post with a generic title such as "Upcoming art classes."

  • Events remain published on the website until the event's date has passed. Each event post can have up to three different dates, for example school tours scheduled on different days. Up to three event postings (each with up to three dates) can be active at the same time.  If your event has more than 3 dates, please submit a new event once the previous one has expired. Note the weekly Announcements newsletter includes only events that are coming up in the next 10 days, but all your approved events appear on the website.

Why can't parents post announcements?

Announcements and events are accepted only from Community Subscribers, not from parents. This is a change from BPN's policy prior to 2016.  Why we made this change: In order for BPN to become self-sustaining, and keep subscriptions free for parents, we need schools and businesses to purchase a subscription, which allows them to publicize their events and services on the BPN website. If parents can post announcements for them, there is less incentive for them to purchase a subscription. 

I'm a parent in charge of publicity for my child's school

If you are a parent in charge of publicizing events for a public school or public charter school, you can create a BPN Community Subscription for your school - it's free for public schools - and then post events and announcements for the school. See How can I subscribe for my child's public school?  Private schools, camps and classes, whether non-profit or for-profit, must subscribe to BPN themselves to post announcements because they are required to purchase a subscription.

I'm a parent who runs a group for other parents

Parent-run not-for-profit groups such as moms' clubs and parent support groups may subscribe as a free nonprofit and post announcements, even if dues are charged, as long as the group is organized and run by parent volunteers and no one is being paid.  Note that if parents are charged a fee to attend your group, you must subscribe as a business or as a fee-based nonprofit.

Announcements about fundraising events

BPN accepts postings from schools and nonprofits about these types of fundraising events:

  1. Kid-friendly events such as carnivals and performances (post to Events)
  2. Parent education events such as lectures and films (post to Announcements)

We do not accept these types of fundraising announcements:

  • Fundraisers targeted to adults only that are not parenting-related, such as auctions, concerts, and dinner parties
  • Fundraisers for individuals, medical conditions, political events, or any other topic not related to parenting
  • Online fundraising events