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Renting a Space for a Workshop

Jan 2009

I am a teacher and I plan to start a weekend poetry workshop for middle schoolers, and possibly one for adults. I need a place to do it. The idea would be to use the space for 3-5 hours on a weekend day (preferably Sunday). Anyone out there know of something? Also, any other advice anyone has for starting up something like this is welcome. I may want to hold a couple of week long sessions in the summer also, so any advice on that is welcome, too. David

BirthWays on Cedar at Shattuck has a nice room with lots of seating and a small kitchen for rent for $15/hour. Feel free to check out the calendar on our website for times that it is available and then email contact [at] if you are interested. Stacia

Hunting for studio/office space

Dec 2008

I am a writer and mom of two who can no longer seem to write in her house. I need a room of my own. I am looking for a small, quiet office where I can go, not have laundry, dishes & the dog beckoning me, have privacy, and potentially leave my papers & books there so I don't have to lug them around. I am comfortable with an office share as I won't be there full time. I've heard of these magical sounding places -- writers cooperatives where small offices cluster around a common room and people can actually socialize (imagine that!). Apparently there is one in Oakland? Anyone have advice on how/where I start looking? -Hardly feeling like Virginia Woolf

Try Berkeley Coworking ( or ActivSpace ( Lisa in Oakland
I think you're referring to ''coworking spaces'' - there is one in Berkeley/North Oakland area:

You can also search on Craigslist for shared office opportunities.

Also it sounds like your situation might be similar to the needs of a psychiatrist or therapist, who only needs an office for a limited time each week? You might see if you can join a psychiatrist co-op and just use the office as your writing studio for a few hours each week.. Judiah

Looking for commercial space

Oct 2007

hi. i'm looking to lease/rent commercial space/office in the east bay and was wondering if someone could reccommend other sites besides craigs list to see availabilities? thanks! anonymous

Depending on which city you are looking in, there are are usually one or two main commericial real estate agencies that have all the listings. For instance, in Berkeley - Gordon Commercial is a big one. In El Cerrito and Albany - MRE Commercial. Sometimes if you do a internet search for ''commercial real estate (name of city)'' you will find them. Otherwise, take a drive (or walk!) to the area you want to lease in and search around for properties for lease. You'll probably see that the ''for lease'' signs are all from one or two major agencies. give them a call! good luck with your endeavors. Nicole

Studio space for rent?

April 2005

Hi, I like to make art - especially oil paint - and find that I do not have enough space at home to work. The dim light doesn't help much either. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a way in which I might be able to rent space? Where to look? Art coops or something along that line? Thanks so much. m

You could try Art Gym on 4th Street in Berkeley - it always looks nice. I think studio space there costs about $150/month; not sure if that's in your budget or not. I don't think they have a website, but you could drop in some weekend and check it out. It's down by the Crate & Barrel outlet. JP
ActivSpace in West Berkeley rents spartan but well-lit units that can be used as art studio space. Not sure how much they charge for rent. Clarisse
There is almost always a spattering of art spaces for rent listed on Craigs List ( Dunno about coops, but if they're out there, they'd probably be listed on Craigs List too! painter mamma
Right next to Amsterdam Art in Berkeley on University at 10th or 9th, there are art studio spaces for rent. They say $99 a month on them. Good luck! --a fellow artist

Photo lab space needed

Jan 2004

I'd love to find a place in or around Berkeley where I could process/develop my own B negatives as well as make prints. I took a class two years ago with UC Extension, but they don't allow folks to use their wonderful lab space unless they are students. I don't have space to set up chemicals in my own house. Does anyone know of a good place to go develop film and make prints? I remember most of what I learned, but a place with step-by-step instructions would be best. I know about Looking Glass, and it's okay, but a bit expensive. -A novice photographer

Try Studio One in Oakland (near 51st & broadway). Haven't been there in years, but I use to develope/print my Black and whites there and remember liking it (and it was very cheap!). Good luck. aprill
The ASUC Art Studio on the Berkeley campus has a photo lab: You don't need to be a student to use it! Jenne