Creative and social co-working space?

Has anyone tried the two co-working spaces for writers, Left Margin Lit and Page Street, or the HackerMom's space in Berkeley? What are they like? I'm a writer who also does remote freelance work and would love to meet new people and leave my house in the new year!

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hi, I’m a big fan of Left Margin Lit. It’s definitely for writing, and you’re gonna find most of the people there, if not all, our creative writers. That’s the main thing that’s going on. I especially like it because I can only go on weekends and say have a nice system set up for that. And they also have folks who come during the week. Again, I would highly rate!

I recently went to an open house at Hacker Mom's -- the space was great and the people were wonderful. I signed up for a membership but haven't gotten into the swing yet. I've been a full time stay at home mom to my 22 month old and I'm transitioning back to part-time work and also looking for creative co-working solutions! I recently posted on BPN for co-working at my house with another toddler-6 year old. I figure if the kids play together, two parents can co-work and take turns being the one interrupted to look after the kids. It's an experiment. I've also heard of a co-working/daycare space in Orinda called Pillar (??) I think and it's a little pricey and far for us so haven't looked into it yet. Hadn't heard of Left Margin or Page Street but might check them out. Nice to meet you!

I’ve been writing at Left Margin Lit for many years now and highly recommend it. The vibe is very supportive and friendly, but also quiet and focused. It’s a great place to get to work and get inspired. 

I’m a hackermoms member and recommend it. You can stop by an open house to check it out. It’s a low key vibe, folks are friendly, interesting and you’ll find emotional support, career support, etc. I love seeing the variety of things ppl are working on. Plus, it’s great to have somewhere to go beside home to work.

Joining HackerMoms has been a joy! I know there is a contingent that are writers, but the group is varied; moms, artists, scientists, writers, creatives, techs, engineers, etc... It is a nurturing and supportive environment. Joining a Failure Club session is a great way to get a feel for the people. 

I recently joined Hacker Moms, and I absolutely love it. The space is a peaceful oasis where I can focus and be productive. The sisterhood is wonderful, filled with understanding and supportive moms with kids of all ages. It's a community of creative artists and writers, and I couldn't be happier.

Hope to see you there,