Workspace in Albany/El Cerrito/N. Berk to reduce School Commute

My child will be attending a foreign language immersion preschool in the Albany/El Cerrito region, while we live in Oakland.  To prevent a daily two-hour commute (it is about 30 minutes each way, for drop-off and pick-up), I was hoping to find some sort of workspace/remote office in the Albany/El Cerrito/North Berkeley area.  The problem is I am also a lawyer so I need to be able to privately pick up calls from co-workers and clients, and I haven't been able to find something (I'll even take a prison-cell type of room, as long as it has a door). Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?

Thank you!

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Well Grounded Coffee Shop has a co-working space with booths.

We ended up not joining, as they are open daytime hours and my husband was hoping for an evening space when the kids are home, but it sounds like the hours might work for you.

Have you checked out Juku in El Cerrito?

Best of luck.

May not be far enough north, but I think the workspace in west Berkeley has some private offices and phone booths. 

You didn't mention budget. One idea is to simply rent an office. Since so many people are working from home, office space must be cheaper than it used to be pre-pandemic. Another idea is to rent a backyard cottage. Some people have cottages but don't want to have a residential rental due to rent control. Since you would not be living in the space, you may find someone who would be willing to rent to you. I'm not exactly sure where you would advertise for "office space wanted," but maybe NextDoor or Craigslist. 

I haven’t worked from Juku in EC but walk by it frequently. It looks like it may fit the bill for you -

Try Deskpass. I used it recently when I was working out of town and needed a space with reliable internet. I think it’s meant for daily passes but you can search for locations to then contact for longer term arrangements or more details.