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I recently came across a new business that is offering a private coworking space while my toddler is playing, supervised by caretakers. Problem is the distance (takes me 40 minutes to get there for a 3-4 hour block of supervised play time while I can get work done). Is there anything similar in or near Berkeley? I found The KidsGym Berkeley (coworkng space but no caretakers) and The Rec Room (coworking space but optional 1 hour of supervised playtime). Would love to hear recommendations! 

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I only know of Equal Play, in San Mateo! I WISH there were a place like this in the east bay. And open on weekends! Any entrepreneur s out there want to create such a thing?? I love this business model and wish it were more common.

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Several of the YMCA gyms in the East Bay offer up to 2 hours of childcare per day. The cost is in addition to the gym membership, but I think quite reasonable (maybe $60/month?). There's space there to work, which lots of parents do rather than work out. 

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Pillar Cowork just opened in Lafayette