Does anyone have an available seat/desk in a shared office that is available?

Flexible on part-time vs. shared. Looking for Berkeley or Oakland only. If yes, please let me know! Looking for a desk for 1-person, quiet, courteous and reliable.


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Not sure if this will fit the bill but you might want to check out Juku, the co-working space in El Cerrito:

Best of luck!



I've been using the Well-Grounded co-work space in El Cerrito  for a few years now and have liked it there.

Good luck,


I'm a fan of Nextspace. Haven't visited the one in Berkeley but have in other cities. They have a free month deal going now too and it's a great space in my experience at the others. 

Are you a mom or femme-identified caregiver? Take a look at on Adeline and Alcatraz. It's been great for me. It's a shared space so you wouldn't have a dedicated desk but there's always one available.