Need help finding a physical space for a small school program

Because of the lengthy school closures, my child’s school sadly may need to find a new space in Oakland or Berkeley for Fall 2020. It is a sweet little program with just 10-15 kids and 2-4 teachers.  They need about 1000-1500 square feet separated into at least 3 rooms. Access to outdoor space and a kitchen would be a bonus. A residential spot could work, although they have been in a commercial office space for the past three years. I am wondering if anyone has ideas on where to look, or any leads on commercial or residential spaces? I think a great option could be a school or small business with extra physical capacity that wants to sublet some space next school year- I'd love any suggestions!

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Check with the local churches. I think the Friends Church in North Berkeley across from Petes coffee might have space. They used to have a preschool there years ago.  Here,s a list of the place i might check; St John,s on College Ave,Berkeley Fellowship, Epworth United Methodist on Hopkins St, St Albans in Albany. There are many places of worship where they are struggling financially because the cogregation has declined, they used a chidcare program in place for service so the facility is there. Good luck


Hi there! I know that the East Bay German International School in Emeryville may have space. You could reach out to them at contact [at] Best of luck!

I'm sure there will be a lot of options opening up over the summer, as well as falling rents. I would wait to look until May/June.