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Comfortable dress shoes

June 2007

I need some well made women's dress shoes that I can wear skirts or pants with. heels are OK but not more than 2 inches for dancing at events. I am willing to pay for good shoes but want them to last and be pretty comfortable. I have had shoes in the past like this so I know they exist, just don't know where to go and don't have time to shop around. shoe challenged

You must check out Zappos!

The selection is fantastic. Also, you can select the type of shoe you want (e.g., dress/comfort or dress sandal), then narrow the selection down to size, width, color, and heel height. I buy almost all my shoes from them now. Their customer service is extremely good. I had to buy special occasion shoes last year and ordered about 10 pairs from Zappos because I hadn't settled on my dress yet. It was great to be able to try on various shoes at home with the dresses and see what looked best. They credit their returns extremely quickly, too. I just dropped off a box at the UPS store late last week and I already have the credit on my card.

Many people are wary of buying shoes online, but Zappos has free shipping and returns, so you can order as many sizes and styles as you want and just return the ones you don't want. I always get my shoes within a day or two of ordering. And for returns, you just go to the website, check the shoes you want to return, print a return form, print either a UPS or US Postal Service return label, and drop off the box (without waiting in line because it is prepaid). Huge Zappos Fan

Easy Spirit shoes are my fave for comfortable dress shoes. Available at department stores and they also have their own stores in many local malls. comfy toes
Danskos has great dress shoes that are super comfortable (they are not cheap -- they're priced at over $100). You can find a good variety at either Walk Shop in Berkeley or next to the Orchid Florist on Solano. Dansko Fan

Squishy comfortable shoes to wear with skirts

Feb 2007

A few years ago I found out that the reason my feet hurt is that the fatty pads of my feet have diminished, and that my sesamoid bones (the balls of my feet) have hairline fractures in them. To feel comfortable, I wear my orthotics in my Spira tennis shoes. But I'm so tired of wearing tennis shoes! I miss wearing skirts. Does anyone have any recommendations for squishy, comfortable shoes? I have just ordered some Crocs, so I will begin my experimentation there. I really need a lot of padding. I'd love to hear what others in a similar situation have done. jenny

Danskos are pretty comfortable. They sell them at Shoes on Solano. Good luck!

Dressy/comfortable they exist?

October 2006

Thanks to everyone who answered my post about the ''Black Tie'' wedding in Brooklyn NY. VERY HELPFUL. Now, part two.... My dress is mid calf length, black and grey swishy kind of. Really nice, and dressy. I need black dressy shoes that are COMFORTABLE. Does this exist? I wear size 8 med but I can't do really pointy shoes. My feet are slightly wider than the average foot. I also don't want really high heels or open toe. A small heel would be OK. Any recs. on dressy and comfy shoes would be appreciated. Thanks party girl

My criteria for any pair of shoes I buy is that I should be able to run in them comfortably if need be and walk as long as I want without noticing them. There is one brand of dressy shoes I love: Taryn Rose. They have great style and they're like air to walk on. They're really expensive retail (around $300) but if you try some on in the store and you figure out your size (Nordstrom carries them) you can often find them on eBay at a fraction of that. You can see their collection online at anon
Try Aerosoles or Easy Spirit. Both have separate stores in malls and are available in bigger dept stores Dance Till U Drop
I gave up uncomfortable pointy shoes ages ago and now wear stylish comfortable shoes only - here are the three shops I go to most often: The Walk Shop & Earthly Goods - both on Vine up from Shattuck and Feet of Dreams on Solano at Colusa down from La Farine bakery. They are out there! Good luck. Keley
i really like dansko clogs. they have some dressy shoes that don't look like clogs but are unbelivably comfortable. try in the casual secion. they even are starting to make some shoes with a heel to them. has more variety anon
I don't have a recommendation on a specific pair of shoes, but have you ever shopped at This is a great website - they've got tons of shoes, and offer free shipping and free returns. I just had to buy some bridesmaid shoes. The bride requested that we were strappy heels, and since I never wear heels, I wanted something comfortable. So I looked at every pair on and read all of the reviews, and bought a couple of pairs based on what other people said. The shoes I ended up wearing were perfect, and I simply returned the pair I didn't pick. A big fan
you can do a detailed search on (2'' pump, for example).
Sure, it exists! Go to or and search for flat or low heel dress shoes in the ''comfort'' category. You may want to buy something that comes in a C or D width. Look for a T-strap, mary jane or other ''strappy'' style, which can look very dressy without having a ridiculous heel or ''pizza toes'' Won't Wear Uncomfortable Shoes
Oh yes, there are. I refuse to wear anything but! B\xf8rn shoes are great, as are Dansko (they aren't all clogs), Birkenstock makes some amazing styles... A Step Forward in Piedmont carries B\xf8rn and Dansko There is a Birkenstock store on College in Oakland Elmwood Village Shoes at 2915 College Ave, Berkeley has a good selection of stylish & comfy shoes's/Shoes.aspx?PageID=All good luck! monica

Trendy shoes - East Bay

April 2006

I am looking for a hip store that sells shoes for Adults in a variety of styles and from a variety of manufacturers - preferably in Oakland, Berkeley or Emeryville. Does anyone have a favorite store they recommend?

Rabat on 4th Street, Berkeley. Twenty-two (or is it Twenty one?) Across from Zachary's Pizza on College Love Hip Shoes
Earthly Goods at Shattuck & Vine in North Berkeley has good selection, or for high end and very trendy, Twenty-Two on College in Rockridge. shoe mom
As a shoeaholic, I confess that one of my favorite hip shoe stores in the East Bay is Rabat on Fourth Street in Berkely. I love the variety of styles and manufacturers. Another favorite is Earthly Goods on Vine, especially the Camper styles.

veteran shoe shopper

- Rabat on 4th Street in Berkeley

- the shoe store associated with Ideas for Elements (might even be the same name) at Solano and Colusa

- Feet of Dreams (I think that's the name) a block up from Colusa on Solano shoe lover

Feet of Dreams on Solano!
Vine Street (just off Shattuck) in Berkeley has several shoe stores you could hit within the same block. There's the store on the corner called Earthly Goods or something. Up the street is the Walk Shop or something. Then across the street are two more nice stores, RIKI (my favorite), and one right next to it (forgot the name). Between these four stores, you should have a hundred styles to choose from that range from hip/trendy to orthopedic. Another VERY hip shoe store is ''twenty-two'' in Rockridge on the corner of Chabot & College. They sell the very latest, and the prices usually reflect that. However, they have occasional sales that are really good. They are similar to the shoe store down on Fourth Street in Berkeley (forgot the name), which is yet another hip shoe store you could try. Picky about shoes
Try 21 Shoes on College Ave at Chabot (close to the Rockridge bart station). Really great shoes. Shoe Queen
Try: The Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro. They always have the trendiest shoes at rock bottom prices. You have to be a hunter but can be well worth the drive.

Rabat on 4th street. Totally different, stylish, comfortable, expensive.

Tootsies on College Ave. in Rockridge. Inexpensive, huge selection of heels to flats. Great colors.

Have fun. Karen

Good running shoes

Nov 2005

Its been seven months since my last kid was born and I'm slowly getting back into running. I have some lightly used sneakers but they are several years old (leftover from when I used to run regularly) and I think the rubber gets hard after awhile. The other thing is I got shin splints doing track in highschool - running on old yucky shoes. I'm still a bit prone to them so I need a really good pair of running shoes. Any recommendations? don't want to make the same mistake twice

You are right in that you should not be running in shoes that are 2 years old. Since you are just getting back into running after having a child (even at 7 months postpartum) you are susceptible to injury. And if you've dealt with shin splints before, you don't want to reaggrevate an old condition. I would highly recommend any shoe by Asics. See Jane Run (Oakland) or Forward Motion (Walnut Creek) can fit you with a pair of shoes that will work well for you. They can watch your stride and tell you what sort of stability you need. Most of the ladies at my classes wear Asics. I'd never run in anything else. Anna
I won't recommend specific running shoes; there are too many. But I will say, to help avoid shin splints, there is a simple exercise to do after every run, that helps by strengthening the muscles at the front of the lower leg: Stand a few to several inches away from a wall (or tree or whatever) with your back toward it. Lean back against the wall and brace with your hands. Lift your TOES, not your heels, and come back down (gently, of course; no bouncing). Start with 20 or so reps, and work up to 50 or so. Also start very near the wall and work up to having your heels several inches away (depending on your height)- only to what's comfortable. I stopped having shin splints after I started doing this religiously after every run. -Nils
I swear by the ''Saucony'' brand running shoe. I like them, particularly, because there is a lot of room at the toe -- and this means they're nice and comfortable on long runs as one's feet tend to swell. Also, the heel is very stable and since I over-pronate, this is important to me because I don't want to twist an ankle (or abuse my shins due to a faulty gait!) I've been wearing Saucony exclusively for about 15 years now, and I've never had shin splints during that time. Everyone's feet and gait are different though, so I advise you to go to a really good retail shop that specializes in running shoes. If you bring in your old pair, they should be able to look at the pattern of wear on the sole and tell you what shoe is best for you. Otherwise, I find the ''Road Runner Sports'' catalog to be a great source on information on what to look for in a running shoe. Good luck. Antoinette
A good running shoe depends on your foot and your anatomy. Try going to a good running store, like LaFoot in Berkeley or Transport in Oakland. If you get a good sales rep who is knowledgeable, they can watch you walk/run and make some recommendations in terms of stability, cushioning, etc. You might want to try multiple stores to see if you get the same advice. My favorite brand (not looks-wise but comfort-wise) is new balance but for other people, lets say with wider feet, Adidas might work well. I've also run in Asics and like the lightweight feel. Happy Trails Karen
I'm in the same boat as you and had a great experience at See Jane Run, a shop that specializes in running gear for women. They'll watch you walk and run so that they can fit you in the right shoes. They even let me exchange a pair I'd been running in for over a month when I developed an achilles strain and got me into a slightly more cushioned shoe. They have shops in Rockridge, Noe Valley, and Mill Valley. Running Mom
New Balance is a very good brand. They have varying widths, which most brands don't. A good running shoe is one of the most important things for running. I used to be a certified fitness trainer, and I currently run 3x a week, about 3 miles a day. I have gone through shin splints, joint pain, plantar faschiatis and learned from each. Another thing I recommend are custom orthotics. I recommend them to anyone age 35-40+, even if they don't have any complaints. The padding of your feet just wear out over time, your arches, too. If you have no joint pain (either foot, ankle, knee, hip or back) your insurance will not pay. You can buy good ones retail for $20. adaking
Go to See Jane Run on College Avenue! I got a pair of running shoes there after my son was born and couldn't be happier with the service. They analyze your stride for you and recommend the right kind of shoe based on that. I tried on several pairs before I fell in love with pair of Brooks. I think the best compliment about these shoes is that I don't notice my feet at all when I run! Brooks Fan
I need a wide toe box so I have to wear a wider shoe. I tend to like Sauconys because they have good cushioning, but your feet may need a different fit. I would go ta a store that specializes in running shoes the first time- find a brand that you like and find your size in that brand -then buy on line for low prices. I went to Hoys in the Haight the first time, they were great and they even let you try on a pair of shoes, then run around the block before buying them! I also buy a lot of running shoes at if you know what you are looking for you can get $40-50 off. running girl
There are several different types of running shoes, and the most appropriate type for you depends on your biomechanics, particularly the degree to which your foot pronates. I recommend going to Transports or See Jane Run, both in Rockridge on College Ave. and have them find a pair of shoes for you. Also, there is some good info on the Runners World web site - - just click on ''shoes and gear''. This site explains the different types of shoes that are available and which types are appropriate for different kinds of pronation. I also highly recommend another running web site - which focuses on good running form and technique in order to eliminate injury. Kara
If you are a woman, try Ryka shoes. Rykas are the only brand of athletic shoes that are built on a women's last, or pattern. All other brands use a men's last and are in effect unisex. Women's feet are proportionally very different than men's. Once you try Rykas, you'll never go back. They can be a little difficult to find in stores, Lady Footlocker used to carry them. I buy them online off their web site. FYI, I don't get a kick back from the company for promoting them. Helene Byrne

Do shoes and handbag have to match?

Nov 2005

After I became a mom I have not have time to keep up with fashion trends, but I do keep hearing fashion experts state with derision that you dont have to be ''matchy matchy'' with shoes and bags any more. Yesterday at Nordstroms I saw a gorgeous onyx (sort of a dull green)bag and really liked it. This is my question, under the new fashion rules can I carry this bag with black or brown shoes? I dont want this bag if I have to go and get matching green shoes (ugh!) If you are curious, the bag is listed on and is called ''Anise''. Please help, could really use some advice on this co-ordination thing :)
Dazed and confused :)

Oh, go for it. Bags do not have to match shoes. The only thing is to be sure they kind of match occasion-wise, meaning don't carry a beaded evening bag while wearing hiking boots...
Definitely wear it with different colored shoes! You're right about the ''rules'' changing. My 30 yo sister and I regularly guide my 65 yo mom away from the ''matchy matchy'' thing. Pick up an issue of Lucky magazine for some inspiration-- the magazine is targeted at 20 and 30 somethings, but they do a great job of showing you how to pull polished looks together -- and they show a lot of handbags. -- Closet Full of Handbags
Hello, I too have just started dressing for myself after having 2 kids back to back. But I have been watching co-workers & my mother dress fashionable around me. First I would like to say is you sure did come out of it with a nice looking bag. I have a black Monsac & love it. So to start off, you are doing good by having such great taste in purses. Anyway, here are some ideals of how to wear it. You can dress in all black or all brown, including the shoes. You can put on some jeans with a black top & black shoes or jeans with a brown top & brown shoes. You can just put on any kind of bottoms with a top that's all green or a top with other colors with a pinch of green in it. Lastly you accent an all black or brown outfit with a green crop top or a green blazer. So go ahead and splurge in style, us mothers deserve it! You go girl! skashan
I have a red handbag that I carry with everything - brown shoes, black, etc. I think the green bag is gorgeous - don't worry about matching! I would match and change bags when I was in high school, but no more! say no to garanimals
Your shoes and bag are best NOT matching. Buy the bag, have fun wearing it, and wear it with any shoes you like - with confidence. Ecclectic is in - ''matchy, matchy'' OUT. -Lovin' my green bag, too!
Matching bags, belts and shoes looks boring. My personal philosophy is that the handbag should introduce a new splash of color - it's an opportunity to pep-up an outfit. Buy the green bag and wear red shoes. Please don't be matchy-matchy. Nancy
So here's the new handbag/shoe rule. If you have a black handbag, black shoes. If you have a brown handbag, brown shoes. But if you have a handbag in an ''accent'' color, it's best not to try to match it at all, because as you said, that would be too matchy-matchy. I think a green handbag would look best with an all-neutral outfit (all black, all tan, etc) to let the green of the bag really pop. the lady with the purple purse
Buy the bag! You can carry it with almost any color shoes (black, brown, red--maybe even navy blue). If you don't trust my fasion sense (and why should you!) Nordstrom has wonderful (and free!) personal shoppers who can advise you. Sometimes Fashionable Mama
No reason to be dazed and confused if you don't let fashion rule over your brain. Leave fashion in the dust and develop your own personal timeless style that feels right to you and looks good on you. I dropped this senseless, commercially- driven game when I was done being a teenager. Since then I think for myself, create for myself, and make my own decisions. At peace
Think for yourself. There is no Fashion Police. --Orange Bag, Purple Shoes
You do not need to match your bag and shoes. Even if fashion magazines say you should! Donna
Buy the handbag! I have a large olive green purse and it goes with everything - never knew how versatile green was... Black or brown shoes look great with the bag and any color coat does too...enjoy. Happy Green Handbag Owner

Shoes for feet with bunions

August 2005

Any suggestions for shoes that are wide in the bunion area or front of the foot but still fit the back of my foot. I am comfortable in athletic shoes, Keens, Clarks. Any other suggestions, casual or business casual? Blessed with bunions

I do not know specifically about bunions, but these shoes are so great and they appear to be wider - Mephisto. They are expensive shoes, handmade, and recommended by orthopedists and physical therapists. There is a Mephisto store off of fourth street in berkeley. margo
My friend who has bunions wears Rieker and Ecco, which you can get at the Walk Shop in North Berkeley or Elmwood Shoes on College Ave.

May 2005

Let me start by saying that I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm 8 months pregnant. Regardless, my feet hurt ALL the time. I no longer walk around the house without shoes, as I feel like I need support more often than not. So that being said, who can recommend one shoe brand over the other? Are Birkenstocks really the way to go, or is there another brand that's even better? Thanks a ton!

Well, you can go to the Walk Shop in North Berkeley, or Elmwood Shoes on College Ave, and get a really nice comfortable pair of shoes that will last a long time and cost at least $100. Or you can go to Bancroft Clothing and pick out a pair of flip-flops with spongy soles for under $20 and in a few weeks they will be broken in and molded to your foot and so comfortable! I have both kinds of shoes - nice expensive German shoes from the Walk Shop, and cheapo flip-flops from Bancroft Clothing. I wear my flip-flops a lot more, especially now that it's hot, and I can even walk a mile or two in them. The best part is you don't have to bend over to put them on, which is a big plus when you're pregnant! And since they are in style right now you can wear them almost everwhere. Ginger
Dansko clogs!! They are THE most comfy shoes I've ever worn. They take some getting used to, but they are great. Good luck. clog lover
Foot pain during the last half of pregnancy and the postpartum period is actually quite common. The arches of the feet are, for the most part, supported by ligaments, which become lax in response to pregnancy hormones. Good for your pelvis and lower spine, not so good for your feet. Increased body weight during pregnancy also contributes to foot strain and/or pain. Your goals are to avoid situations that aggrevate the condition, and to reduce pain and inflamation during flare-ups. First, always wear shoes that fit well, and that have a contoured foot bed. Feet swell during pregnancy, and it could be that the shoes you have been wearing are now too tight. Get your feet measured to see if this is the case. Wearing shoes that have a contoured foot bed is critical. This type of shoe will support the arches of your feet from underneath, so your ligaments and intrinsic foot muscles will not have to work as hard.

Stop wearing all shoes that make your feet ache. This is a tough one, but very necessary. Oftentimes shoes will breakdown, and then not give proper support long before the outsides look shabby. If you continue to wear shoes that cause pain, you will never break out of the cycle of strain, pain, and inflamation. You need to break the cycle in order to heal.

When you have a flare-up, instigate ''R.I.C.E.''. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Rest: get off your feet. Avoid long periods of standing and walking. Take rest breaks during the day, before symptoms worsen.

Ice: use chemcal ice packs, or make ice packs from bags of frozen peas. Do not place ice packs directly on skin. Wrap ice pack in a kitchen towel, or other cloth to prevent burns. To keep ice in place, wrap an ACE bandage around the pack and your foot to secure. Ice for 10 - 20 minutes at a time.

Compression: If you, or someone in your family, knows how to wrap for compression then do it. If not, skip this one.

Elevation: Use a foot stool to elevate the legs during rest and icing periods. Better yet, lie down on your back with your lower legs and feet supported on the ottoman. As you ice and rest in this position, do gentle ankle circles to help increase fluid drainage.

FYI, I'm a big fan of RYKA athletic shoes. They are the only athletic shoes built on a women's last, (pattern). All the other brands are considered ''unisex'', which means a male last. Women's feet are generally thinner, a lot less ''beefy'', and have aproportioanlly smaller heel, compared to men's. Ryka's can be a little hard to find in stores. Lady Foot Locker used to carry them. I buy them online at And no, I don't get a kick back from the company. Just love the shoes. Helene Byrne

For achy feet or backs try shoes made by Keen. I bought a pair after friends raved about them, when I was recovering from a back spasm and needed comfy shoes for a trip to NYC . I walked miles on hard pavement in the city in my new Keens and my back continued to improve throughout the week-long trip. And usually my NY trips make my feet ache. Not this time! dd
Sorry to hear you are's almost over! That said, Birkies are good and comfy and can be adjusted for swollen feet. I also like both Chacos sandals and Keen's sandals. Both of these brands can also be adjusted and seem to have a tighter (in a good way) fit. Keen's can be found at the Rockridge shoe store on College Ave and at Earthly Goods on Vine St. in Berkeley. Chacos are available at Any Mountain in Berkeley.
Shoe loverNaots got me through both my pregnancies. I've learned to pay a bit more for shoes and I don't regret it. All three pairs of Naots I've purchased have looked and felt great for years. Hope you get many chances to put your feet up! happy feet now
I have had several problems with my feet (bunions, surgery, neuropathy) and they are very sensitive and hard to fit. I recently bought a couple pairs of very comfortable shoes at The Next Step, 902 San Pablo Ave., Albany, ph. 528-3938. The shop is run by a man who is trained as a pedorthist (or something like that), similar to a podiatrist but trained more in the biomechanics of walking. There are some nice looking shoes, not just big clunky things. I bought some walking shoes that don't look too bad; the clogs I got look pretty good and feel wonderful. Nancy
When I was pregnant last spring I discovered Keen shoes. I have worn almost nothing else since. I especially recommend the Santa Cruz clogs. Like (supportive) pillows for your feet! kitrena
I have found some comfortable shoes & they are so cute. Aeorsoles & Dr. Scholls. I remember when to me those shoes were so ugly, now they come in some nice styles & are so comfortable. If you can't find a store you can look on line. I believe there's an Aeorsoles in the emeryville center & I found the Dr. Scholls at Macys. Shelly
About 5 or 6 years ago I was having so much pain in my feet I quite gave up walking. Just going to the YMCA three blocks away was getting really painful. My feet would throb (especially the big toe meets foot joint) at night and I could not sleep. I was not pregnant, but had purchased inexpesive shoes all my life and I don't mean high heels or anything. Mostly I wore tennis shoes or sports shoes, boots and such. Then a friend took me to The Walk Shop on Vine and Walnut and had me try on a pair of Dansko clogs. Just the plain black ones with the back. I put them on (the $100 price was a shock to me who had never spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes). But I tried those shoes on and then stood there oohing and aahing while my feet had an extasy fest. I refused to take them off. My feet stopped hurting completely within two weeks. That was over five years ago. Today, all my shoes are dansko clogs. I have open sandals and dressier shoes and last month I replace my original pair. I get about one pair a year. Now I go to the store on Vine and Shattuck as they have more selection, but I also shop online as I know my size. I walk to work (and home again) which is two miles each way and I would never wear anything but my clogs. I hope your feet feel better and congratulations on your baby. Happy feet

Comfortable Walking Shoes

August 2001

Can anyone recommend supportive and comfortable shoes for walking and general use? I'm not the person who wrote for advice about painful postpartum feet but I could be. The arch pain that I thought would end after my baby was born persists a year later, and I do a lot of walking, often with him in the pack. I don't see anything relevant on the website. My doctor suggests I try buying good walking shoes before we try further action. Any brands or sources to recommend? My Birkenstocks don't really do the trick. I'd prefer something that doesn't look like a tennis shoe, but... I bought Superfeet insoles for my hiking boots and they are working pretty well, but I can't wear hiking boots every day. Charis

Try La Foot in Oakland on College Ave in the Elmwood area. They have really knowledgable staff (including a physical therapist) and take time to determine what you need. They mostly have athletic shoes, but I remember some regular leather walking shoes too. Good luck. Anne-Marie
You'll probably hear this more than once, but The Walk Shop on Vine (near shattuck) is absolutely fabulous. They have the best shoes for your feet and really knowledgeable people to help you. I have a neuroma on my foot and the last salesperson there spent a lot of time with me making sure the shoes I picked really worked for me. I have bought a number of pairs of shoes there and have never regretted any of them. JV
I'd recommend that you try going to a shop caled LaFoot located on College Ave. near Ashby. Their sales people are trained to fit you with a shoe that answers your needs and special problems. When I went, the person who helped me spent about 1/2 hour - watching me walk and fitting me with a shoe until we found what seemed to be a great fit. Two weeks later I returned, since the shoe didn't fit as well as I thought and I was still experiencing discomfort, which I only realized after really walking. They immediately went through the process once more and exchanged my shoes for a better a cheaper price. Great service! Jody
You may want to take a look at: go to Expert Shoe Help, then Shoe Dog. While it's aimed towards runners, it does include an foot type and injury section and make recommendations based upon your input. I've heard good things about it. I do not have a particular problem, but I find that New Balance and Dansko are good. In particular the Podiatric Medical Ass'n has given Dansko a seal of approval. Have you seen a Podriatrist and asked for specific recommendations. Michele
Superfeet also makes insoles for other uses, and there are other brands of insoles designed for running shoes. You can wear them inside normal-looking shoes. A running shoe store with knowledgeable salespeople should be able to get you set up with an insole that provides enough support. Sorry I can't recommend anything closer than Arch Rival (in the Bon Air shopping center in Greenbrae), but other people may know of closer stores. Beyond that, though, neither of your postings say whether the pain is plantar fasciitis. If it is, there's a specific set of recommendations you can get from your doctor or a podiatrist (good arch support *whenever your feet touch the ground,* ice, and ibuprofen are the basics). Jennifer
Go to the Walk Shop in N. Berkeley and try on a few pairs and see if you see something you like. I walk to work - a 30-minute commute on foot each way - and do lots of other walking besides. I go to the Walk Shop to buy shoes because the shoes I get there hold up to all my walking and they are very comfortable. They can be expensive - expect to pay $100 and up for a pair of nice-looking leather shoes or sandals. But good quality shoes should last a long time even if they get a lot of mileage. The brands I like best for my wide feet are Echo (Danish I think) and Rieker (German). But the Walk Shop carries many other brands including American brands. Avenue Shoes on College in the Elmwood also has Echo, Rieker, and similar brands. For around the house I can recommend rubber-soled felt clogs - I get mine from Lands End for about $20. These are the most comfy shoes ever, easy to get on and off, very nice and padded on the bottoms, and they are washable. I keep them right by the bed and slip my feet in before they touch the floor, because when I wake up in the morning, the bottoms of my feet hurt for about the first 20 minutes, I think due to advancing age :-(, and when I wear the clogs, the feet don't hurt. Ginger

Bride's Decorated Tennis Shoes

April 2003

One of my best friends is getting married in July. She wants to wear a pair of white, Keds-type tennis shoes decorated with pretty jewels and/or ribbons during her reception. Does anyone know where I can find such shoes? I want to buy them for her or decorate them myself. If no one can recommend a place to buy them, could you recommend a place that can decorate them or where I can buy nice materials to decorate them myself? Christina

Decorated canvas shoes are actually pretty easy to find in any place that sells wedding favors and stuff, or gift stores/catalogs. But they're pretty expensive compared to making your own. A trip to Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics will yield some nice satin or lace ribbon to replace the shoelaces and whatever jewels and trims you'd like to use (apply with a hot glue gun), plus maybe paint pens in her wedding colors to draw or write the date directly on the canvas.

The white shoes, of course, you can get at Target, Payless Shoes, even RiteAid.

Have fun! Holly

Hi Christina. When I got married 8 years ago, I also wore platform white Keds-style tennis shoes. I decorated them by sewing multi-colored sequins on them. My dress was full length so no one saw the shoes until the reception when I lifted up my dress to show them. The older grandmotherly crowd absolutely loved them! For more wedding type decorations like little ribbons and lace and miny roses, try Michaels or other fabric/craft stores. Particularly check out the do it yourself card and invitation section. There are lots of wedding theme dodads you could attach to the shoes. Best Regards, Tiffany
You can get pretty bridal sneakers at, and probably at many an online bridal/wedding store! ( Jennifer